Weekly C.U.B.

Central Update Bulletin - Issue 36

Community Appreciation Breakfast

Thank you to everyone who is planning on bringing a breakfast item on Tuesday morning. We plan on showing our appreciation to all the volunteers we've had this year and all of the maintenance workers who keep our school clean and in working condition. We are looking at serving about 100 people. We will also have some entertainment provided by our wonderful kiddos.

If you haven't signed up yet, please consider doing so! It's always better to have a little more than not enough. All items left will be placed in the lounge for the staffs eating pleasure after the breakfast is complete.

Google Classrooms and Reading

We will be adjusting the due dates of the tasks to be more flexible based on some feedback we received. I would highly recommend thinking through a way to spread the work out so that you don't leave it all for the week it's due. Waiting until the last minute will make the process less effective and less enjoyable. Please plan to have all reading and tasks done by August 5th, the last day of Learn More, Achieve More.

We also have heard from some an anxiety because of the technology being used. Please plan on coming to the session on the 25th to have questions answered. Also, use internet searches to help answer questions. Here is a Link which explains how to answer a question, modify, and comment to others in Google classroom. I highly encourage you to go through the struggle because with struggle comes learning. We are here to help and just an e-mail away.

For those of you who have chosen or will choose the Friday option, we will still be using the Google classroom to conduct those sessions. We will do so during the first 5 Fridays in the computer lab from 3:15-4:00. The reason for Fridays is because that is the only day left after we account for district training's Monday, PLCs Tuesday and Thursday, and Staff Meetings Wednesdays. We will also need to figure out an alternative for those who choose this option for August staff development because we are planning to give the readers of each book time to plan for their groups upcoming training during our development week. We may have this group plan a Teach Like a Champion refresher for the staff. If you are choosing this option please do not sign into the Google Classroom and let me know before we leave for summer break. If you have already signed up I can change that on my end.

All Google classrooms should be live. Please let us know if you don't get an invite or you are struggling with the technology.

*Remember: (IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASSROOM AS A TEACHER, NOT A STUDENT. This is your role in our district, not your role in the particular Google Class)

Strategies to Close the Year Out Strong!!!

As the end of the year draws closer we have seen an increase in unexpected behavior out of our students. At this point of the year, we sometimes feel we have run out of ideas. Here are a few tips and reminders to make the end of the year successful!

  • Keep your schedule as consistent as possible. If your schedule is different than normal, post the new schedule on the board so that students know what to expect next.
  • Spread out your brain breaks and make them more frequent! Instead of 1 brain break with 2 songs, do 2 brain breaks an hour apart with 1 song each time!
  • Go outside! Take your read aloud book outside or take writing journals to the garden and soak up some vitamin D while you work! Eat lunch with your students in the garden!
  • Start your day (or even a new subject) with a reminder of your class norms and expectations!
  • Praise the positive! Make sure you are still reinforcing the positive efforts you see out of your students!

Here is another cute idea from a teacher’s website!


Jeans as you need!

To help us finish out the remainder of the year strong, feel free to wear jeans as you need for the remainder of the year. I hope this will come as a happy surprise for the rest the year and make you all smile a bit more each day.

Better Hearing and Speech Month


These are some wonderful strategies to help with children who have autism.

Splash Day/Field Day

What a fun day we had for the kids!!! Thank you to the Activity Team for all the planning that went into this event!!! Thank you also to Mrs. Zurita's husband who came and took some video of the kiddos with his drone and his GoPro. Happy Watching!!!

Here are the links:

Central Splash Day Drone

Central Splash Day GoPro

Week at a Glance

Tuesday, May 24th

  • Community Appreciation Breakfast 8:00-9:30 (Please help by bringing a dish!)
  • Dallas Zoo Program Assembly - 1:50-2:35 Cafeteria (Should be Awesome if your class has the time to attend).

Wednesday, May 25th

  • Pre-K AM Awards in the Cafeteria 9:45-10:20
  • Pre-K PM Awards in the Cafeteria 2:00-2:35
  • Staff Meeting - Google Classroom Help

Thursday, May 26th

  • Bring a Potato in Foil with your name on it for Sunshine Potato Bar!
  • Kinder Awards in the Cafeteria 8:00-9:00
  • First Grade Awards in the Cafeteria 9:15-10:15

Friday, May 27th

  • No School - Bad Weather Day

Future Dates To Remember:

Monday, May 30th

  • No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31st

  • Third Grade Awards in their classrooms 8:00-9:00
  • Second Grade Awards in Cafeteria 9:15-10:15

Wednesday, June 1st

  • Early Release - 11:40
  • Fourth Grade Awards in Cafeteria 8:00-9:00

Thursday, June 2nd

  • Early Release - 11:40
  • Fifth Grade Ceremony 8:30-10:00
  • Fifth Grade Walk - 11:20 (classes in the hall to cheer them on)

Friday, June 3rd

  • Teacher Work Day
  • Check-outs due before you leave

Learn More, Achieve More

Don't forget to sign-up for your classes. After CIC votes on Monday I will pass out the papers where you will state your intended schedule for training hours.

In an effort to personalize the LMAM experience for Central I've created a TACKK highlighting some of the offerings I feel closely align with our current goals and information specific to Central Teachers. I will be updating this TACKK as information becomes available, so please bookmark it and come back to it as you plan your PD for the summer.