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Digital Resource Spotlight

Take advantage of digital resources and provide students with interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. Use age and curriculum appropriate digital tools to ENGAGE your students and MOTIVATE them to want to learn.

Library Services DIIP Goal 12-2

Increase the use of district provided digital resources, including online databases and eBooks through:

  • Library services staff modeling the process used to create professional development sessions, including the selection and organization of content and use of effective strategies

  • Librarians providing campus-based professional development

Usage statistics will increase by 5%.


Discovery Education Streaming

What is It?

Discovery Education Streaming provides over 5000 multimedia resources, including videos, images, audio, virtual field trips, and lessons materials,

Students and teachers also have access to a creation tool called Board Builder which allows them to create interactive digital bulletin boards that embed Discovery content and their own text.

Who Should Use It?

All Levels/Science/Social Studies/Math/Reading

All students have an individual account.

Teachers have an individual account and can manage student accounts as classes.

How To Get Started?


Login through NEISD Launchpad.

Classes are automatically uploaded for elementary classes. Secondary classes are preloaded for science and social studies, and others can be created upon request. It's also simple for you to add students to your own class.
Tutorials available here.


Login through NEISD Launchpad. Discovery Education is located in the Library Resource Folder.

Discovery Education Teacher Board Builder Directions

What's the Best Way to Use Discovery Education Streaming?

Teachers Create a class (see How to Get Started)

Assign resources for your students to view.

Stream content for your lessons


Filter content by grade level

Filter search results by type

View student progress within your class

Professional learning community

Discovery Education is a great source for research, allowing students to access multimedia at their grade level. It becomes an all-purpose tool when they integrate their multimedia resources into an interactive Board through Board Builder.


Lab Computers? Yes

Class Sets of iPads or Chromebooks? Yes

At Home Use? Yes

Content Created & Curated by

Wendy Howk

Library Instruction Coordinator

North East Independent School District

San Antonio, TX