Independent Study Updates

Summer and Fall Reminders

Final Updates!!!

Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you so much for another successful year in Independent Study. We celebrated our graduates with a beautiful ceremony last week. I'd like to personally acknowledge Destiny Martinez and Jaren Anderson for helping make the ceremony so special.

Please read through this information, especially if you are taking college classes this summer or in the fall.

If your plans change over the summer and you will not be continuing in Independent Study, please let me know. We will have a waiting list in the fall, no doubt.

Also, if you intend to take a class at your home school- remember, you are allowed to take one, please contact your home school counselor this week to make sure you are scheduled in the class.

Enjoy your summer! I know I will!!!


The last student day of the 2016-2017 school year is Thursday, June 8th.

Please complete all assignments and return all textbooks before this date.

Students can print a final transcript through Infinite Campus (under reports) or, I can print one for students when we meet this week.

I will enter community college grades on transcripts Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The Fall 2017 semester begins for SUHSD on August 16th. I will contact families the week before to set up our initial student/parent meeting.

Community College classes also begin on August 16th, 2017. Remember, it is your responsibility to purchase or rent needed textbooks for college classes. I highly recommend that you go to the college bookstore the week before classes begin. You can look up the needed textbooks at the bookstore, or on webschedule. You can purchase books, or rent them through the college bookstore or Amazon textbook rental.

District Registration Procedures

ONLINE REGISTRATION at home high school sites

Parents, please complete the SUHSD online registration process. This must be done each year.

1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal at

2. Click on “Inbox” to access the Online Registration message

3. Click on the message link called “SUHSD Online Registration”

4. Follow the directions on each screen and be sure to click “save” so you can move on

You don’t need to worry about approving classes, you just need to make sure the rest of the information is accurate.

If you have any problems, please call SUHSD IC Support at 650-369-1411 Ext 22364 or email They are available M-F from 7:30-4:00.

Summer Community College Classes

For those in summer classes: the summer session is from June 12- July 20. Students need to keep in mind that in the summer the drop date comes very quickly--in some cases, the drop date is the first day of class.

Students enrolling in online classes should check their my.smccd email accounts and WebAccess for the syllabus, course information, and materials (see directions below).

A reminder for those taking summer classes: during summer tuition is waived, but families are responsible for the cost of the college textbooks

Fall Community College Courses


Familiarize yourself with your WebSmart account. It is very important that students do not change their username and password for their WebSmart account; username must remain your G-number, and password must remain your birthday (two digits for month-day-year, e.g. 061697). WebSmart is where you can check your schedule, buy a parking pass, or check college grades once they post. I will access your account to add and drop classes, and check your grades at the end of the semester.

WebAccess (now Canvas--see below) is an online component where many professors may post their syllabus, as well as upload assignments, hold online discussions, post grades, etc. Students enrolling in online classes should check their my.smccd email accounts and WebAccess for the syllabus and course information. Again, please do not change the login for this, as it is tied to your WebSmart account.

The college has been using WebAccess, but is now transitioning to Canvas. You can access both via For WebAccess, you will log in with your G# and pin (mmddyy). For Canvas, you will log in with your my.smccd username and then click Forgot My Password. Then check your my.smccd email and log in to Canvas with your my.smccd User Name and the password that was sent to your my.smccd email.

You may change your password for your my.smccd email and link it to another

account. This is the email address that college professors will use to send out class information, so it is important that you check it regularly. You can find your my.smccd email information by logging into WebSmart and scrolling down to the bottom of the page--then click on the my.smccd email link.

Community College Classes for Students with IEP's or 504 Accommodation

Accommodations work a little differently in college. You must make an appointment to meet with a campus specialist, who will review your IEP/504 (bring a copy). You will then together determine which accommodations are appropriate for college. You will be provided with paperwork, which you must give directly to each of your professors. This ensures your accommodations. Without the college-approved paperwork, no accommodation requests must be honored by your professors.

I recommend that you set up a meeting with Max Hartman at Cañada’s Disability Resource Center to discuss the accommodations you might need in place for the college classes. The phone number is 650-306-3259; his email is

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