My Passion: Wrestling

by: Adam Sprague


Today I am going to inform you about various wrestling moves, rules about Folk style wrestling, and scholarships you can get from wrestling.

Wrestling Moves

There so many wrestling, but I will inform you about the double leg and the single leg. The double leg and the single leg are used by all the weights in wrestling.

  • There are several wrestling moves but the double leg and the single leg are two very common and effective moves.
  • The double leg is used at all ages from kindergarten to college.
  • The double leg you take a shot and you target the opponents legs at the same time.
  • Unlike the double leg the single leg is targeted to your opponents ankle or foot.
Wrestling Moves KOLAT.COM Double Leg Takedown & Finish

Folk style Wrestling Rules

Wrestling rules are very straight forward and can be learned quickly. But there are different types of wrestling folk style, Freestyle , and Greco-Roman wrestling and they all have different rules.

  • In Folk style wrestling you can score points by getting a take down, escape, reversal, near fall, and also you can get penalty points.
  • You can not lock your hands when you are in control of your opponent. But you can lock your hands when your opponent is in a fall position.
  • For a take down you get 2 points, for a escape you get 1 point, for a reversal you get 2 points, for a near fall you can get 2-4 points.
  • Some equipment you would need to wrestle are:
  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Headgear
  • Singlet
  • knee pad (optional)
  • Mouth guard (If you have Braces)

Wrestling Scholarships

Almost every college has a wrestling program for people to wrestling in. Like in any other sport it is hard to get into a BIG 10 school.

  • wrestling coaches look at how you did at the states tournaments throughout high school, how good is your technique and what is your record. Those are just some things they look in the recruiting process.
  • some schools like Grand Valley University have a little program and they are not that bad.

Concluding Statement

So with the information you have learned today you have became a better wrestler. And with these basics you could become a wrestler.