Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

January 7, 2016

Mission Statement

We, the SHIELDS CAPtains, will participate in advanced learning, continuously grow, and move on to the next grade level, by being responsible, doing our best, working together, and learning from our mistakes.

What's Happening??

  • 1/12 > Mindfulness Lesson
  • 1/18 > NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 1/26 > PTO Meeting 6:30 Shields Library
  • 1/27 > End of Marking Period 2
  • 1/28 & 1/29 > NO SCHOOL Professional Development for Teachers



Our first mindfulness lesson will be on Tuesday, January 12th! The letter came home this week to explain the program and provide more information.

The Mindfulness Program allows instructors from Minds Over Matter to come into our classroom to teach mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a life skill that gives children tools to focus their attention, regulate their emotions and create stillness within their bodies. This program is non-secular and is not meditation. It’s about paying attention to what is happening in and around your mind and body right now. Practicing this focused attention helps children learn how to calm themselves during stressful times, improves performance, boosts the immune system, and increases empathy for self and others.

RtI Updates

Both 4th and 5th grade are now completing RtI in the CAP classroom. Mrs. Tuttle is working with the 5th graders during this time and Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Tuttle will be working with the 4th graders. The goal is to provide additional instruction based upon specific grade level standards during this time. Students will still be participating in individual projects as well.

CAP Book Club

All CAP classes in the district will be participating in a book club beginning in the next week or two. CAP students from Shields, Rehoboth, Milton, and HOB will be reading the book, "Ungifted" by Gordon Korman and then participating in Skype sessions where they will discuss the book. The goal is to connect our CAP classes and have the opportunity to participate in book conversations with more people.

Our class will also be sharing information from the book on their blogs so feel free to grab a copy of the book and read along with us!


Fractions are the topic of our new math unit. This week we used the identity property of multiplication to find equivalent fractions. Basically, if we rename 1 into a fraction such as 2/2, 3/3, or 8/8 we can multiply the numerator and denominator to create an equivalent fraction. Ask your child if they can explain the process of finding equivalent fractions when they multiply a fraction by the same numerator and denominator.

During RtI, the 5th graders are tackling volume and then will move into decimals while the 4th graders are working with additional multiplication and division strategies.

Classroom Needs

We will need to replenish some of our supplies for the New Year so if you can help please consider donating some of the following:

  • Sandwich baggies
  • Gallon size baggies
  • Pencils!!!
  • Cap erasers
  • Large erasers (we could put in our desk baskets to share)

There are MANY open slots for Volunteers in the New Year. Please consider helping!

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