Happy Days Ahead!

To the parents of my Kindergarten students


Hello Parents, I want to take this time to say thank you for an amazing school year thus far. I can not believe that the school year is almost over! I have enjoyed having your child in my class and enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know all the parents as well. I have a passion for teaching and that was the main reason I choose to get my degree in Education. I love teaching PreK because you can still be a kid while teaching and the students are learning. I will continue to work hard with your child so they can finish the school year with a Bang!

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Parents do not forget about Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R) every Friday, which the student can bring in a book to read for 20 minutes. Also please remember to pick up your child's folder everyday and make sure to sign it. On March 25, 2016-School Closed (Good Friday Holiday). This is also a friendly reminder that on every Friday is popcorn Friday, and the cost of a bag of popcorn is 50 cents. The school store will be opening on Thursday and students can purchase items ranging from $0.25-$1.00. Last but not least please do not forget about the book orders which the last day to order is March 31.

Upcoming Class News

This month we will begin having our spelling tests (oral) over the word families, and the pre-reading level books will be going home as well. Details with this information will be coming home soon so please check your child's folder! The word family that we will be studying for this month is the -ap word family: cap, map, tap, clap, slap, sap, lap, and dap. The spelling test will be every Friday over the word family that we are studying for the week. Parents please go over the word family with your child every night to help them be successful. We will begin our unit of study on Plants and Gardening coming up in the Month of April so get ready to get your hands dirty!

This Month's Learning & Activities

The theme for this month is: Growing Up Healthy; we will be studying how to grow up healthy by using our five senses and choosing to eating healthy foods.

Math: We will begin our unit on Numbers and word problems learning how to solve and find a solution to the problems.

Science: In using our five senses, we will be Investigating our five senses and how they help us on a day to day basics.

Phonological Awareness: We will be starting blending beginning sounds to make words.

Reading: This month we finished our review of the letters Aa-Uu. Next week we will continue to finish the letters until we finish all of them. We will also start learning the letter sounds and blending them to make words.

Writing: In our writing workshop for this month we will be learning how to write sentences the correct way and writing about St. Patrick's day in our journals.

Birthday Corner/Dates to Remember!

March 25: No School (Good Friday Holiday)

Every Friday: D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) students read for 20 minutes.

Students can purchase popcorn for 50 cents a bag to support our School PTO.

On Thursday's students can purchase items from the school store for $0.25-$1.00.

Every Month we also celebrate student's Birthday's and the Birthdays for this month:

Abigail-March 6

Isabella-March 28

Happy Birthday to both of you!


This week we admired Isabella's family pictures. We learned that Isabella has a twin sister whose name is Abigail. Isabella brought in her stuffed spider man toy for the mystery bag, and Ethan guessed it after the 5th try. We also read her favorite book, Spider-man. Thanks for being our Star, Isabella.

Next Star, Camille

Contacting the teacher

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. You may call the school at (612)-555-5555 to leave a message for me and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank You for the time you spend with your child to ensure successful learning!

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