Life of the Future!

Ideal Spouse Project

My Life!

My life is amazing and so is what I like to do! Well, I'm mostly a country girl and I like doing things that country people usually do for the fun stuff. What's fun about being country and living in the country is that you can basically do whatever you want to. You can go mudding, fishing, hunting, swimming in the creek, 4-wheeler racing, tailgating around bonfires, etc.! I love doing all those things. I like playing volleyball and being part of a team. Also, I love my friends and family and I like hanging out with friends and having a good time. Most of all, I like to listen to music all the time and I will listen to any kind of music. Once you are around me alot and get to know me and my personality, you will think that i'm a good person. I'm like a social kind of person, because I do talk alot and i'm really friendly. There are very few things that I don't like! I hate how some people bully others all the time and start drama with other people, just to get all the attention on them. I don't like leaving people out of anything. Another thing that I don't like, is seeing or hearing stories about Abuse! Other than that, I have some pretty good interests! :)

What I'm looking for!

What I'm looking for in a guy is a great personality, cuteness, if he's a hard worker, who wants kids sometime down the road, able to help pay for things and provide for me and my kids, if I have any, smart, someone who doesn't make any bad choices, doesn't do drugs, and someone who is not an abuser! The values that I would like is a Family! I want to be able to have a good family, without anything bad happening.