Dievena Grewal


1. Installing any software can track you were ever you are

2. Never share passwords with anyone you don't trust because it could spread around to other people.

3. Don't ever click on a ad that will pop up like viruses and that will rack your computer

4. When using a computer pay attention what your clicking at or not

5. NEVER give out personal information on the internet or to strangers that will go on to people because they could go tell the people around them it would go on

6. Share your values with your friends don't ever share anything with strangers you don't know

7. Have a good model behaviour on the internet when your using it

8. Pay attention what your doing on the internet

9. NEVER click on anything that could pop up and get viruses in the computers

10. NEVER text and drive because you could get a accident and it also could cause injury