By Kaitlyn Flammia Period F

Globalization and Geography

Globalization and geography have a big impact on peoples lives. It changes where people want to live, what they do and why they do it
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Natural Resources to the Finial Product

You don't just magically grow ugg boots. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these comfy boots. The people who make these shoes don't just use two things and stick them together. They use sheep skin, glue, oil, cotton plants, and suede and those are just the resources you need just to be able to make them. You also need stuff to put the boot together and to get these resources. You need shears to shave off the sheepskin, you need a sewing machine to put them together, and you need tanning machines to color the sheepskin. These are only a few of what is needed to make these comfy boots.

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Globalization Problems

Ugg boots have been killing off many sheep by making these cute boots. After the sheeps skin has been sheared off they don't have any use for them anymore so you can only imagine what happens to them after that. But this doesn't need to be a problem. Also the fact that they are not made in the U.S is not that great for us. We could have so many more jobs if we were to have ugg factories in the U.S.

Solve Globalization Problems

It is very easy to solve globalization problems with ugg boots. All we really have to do is stop killing the sheeps. If we don't kill the sheeps a lot more people would buy them and many more people wouldn't have any problem with the making of the boots. If we open, even just one, ugg boot factory in the U.S we would have so many more jobs to offer people where ever it is opened.
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Technology Problems

The way they make ugg boots doe not just effect the animals harmed in the process. On most websites you will look at it doesn't mention using machines to make the boots. It mentions hand made sewing and using sewing machines. Since they don't use many machines it really doesn't effect anything for technology. But even sewing machines aren't gonna last for ever. imagine how many ugg boots are made a day. You need a lot of electricity to run all these sewing machines.

Solve Technology Problems

All we really need to do to fix the small problem we have with technology is have more people work at the company. If there were more people working we would be able to not use the sewing machines. If the company got enough people to be able to sew the boots we could just use the sewing machines to do the really hard sewing parts. Then we would also have many more jobs to offer people because with less sewing machines they wouldn't work as fast but it would still lower the electricity bill. Plus that way many more people would have jobs and it would be better for everyone.
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Cultural Problems

A lot of people believe that animals should not be harmed for humans, even for food. The fact that these boot are killing sheep are not just effecting the sheep. It effects what people believe in. There are thousands upon thousands of people working for the ugg company right now. I would be amazed if there were no people working there that don't believe in harming animals. Most people would say that if they don't like it that much why don't they just quit. But for some of these people they can't afford to quit. If this person has a big family they need a job to support them. These days there aren't that many jobs that make good money. Most of the jobs have been taken by machines or sent to other countries.

Solve Cultural Problems

To solve the cultural problem is very easy. Since killing sheep could be against someones religion or beliefs they would want to buy the boots too. The fact that many people get offended by the fact that they kill sheep to make these boots, it would give them a lot more business. They would have less protesters and more buyers. Also the people working for the company, that have a problem with killing the sheep, would most likely do a better job making the boots. This is because they would be happy with the company that they had stopped killing the sheep. They would also have a lot more people wanting to work for them because they would have made such a big change just because these certain people wanted them to. All around if they stop killing the sheep and just take the skin it would be much better for the company all around.
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Economic Problems

The ugg boots have not been selling very well these days. The company has been trying very hard to get them back in style. Before uggs were kind of a sloppy look. Something you would wear with sweatpants. But now the makers are putting them in more fashion magazines, trying to bring them back in style. But it just doesn't seem to be working. If uggs don't get brought back up soon they might be going out of bisness. With that many people might be losing there jobs very soon.

Solving Economic Problems

This is not a very easy problem to fix. It's hard to make something old come back in style. But one way would be to look at the things that are more popular now. Then they would get better ideas for the boots. They should also lower the cost of them. if they lower they will have many more sales because then people who don't have amazing jobs would still be able to buy them. another way is to advertise them on more popular clothing places.That way more people will see them and want to wear them.
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Pros of Globalization

-You can buy things from all around the world

-You can go any place around the world

-You can move to a place that you know fits your needs

-They have much better technology

-Better education

-You can make anything you want to make

-They have solved many problems now

Cons of Globalization

-The technology is taking most of our jobs

-Jobs are being taken by people in China

-We might run out of resources because how fast the population is growing

-Children have been forced to work in inhuman conditions

-Things that are made in the U.S can be stolen by other countries

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Globalization can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. It helps people get from place to places. It gives us good technology. We can buy things here in the U.S that are made in china. But This isn't exactly a good thing for us Americans. We may have all the stuff we need but we don't have many jobs left. The new technology has already taken a lot of them. But now people from china are practically making everything we need. One day we are gonna run out of the resources we need and everything is gonna go down hill from there.
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How Globalization has Impacted Me

Globalization has helped me in many ways. It has given me a phone, a house, a family, a place to live. It lets me do all the things I do today. I can fly across the U.S to Las Vegas see my grandmother and fly back in the same day. I can go buy things in a drug store right near my house and it was made all the way in China. I can go on my computer and order things from anywhere around the world and get it the next day. I have a pretty amazing life because of globalization.
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6 Word Claims

1. Giving you a very bright future

2. We can make the world better

15 Years from now

I believe in 15 years the technology is going to be insane. We are going to be using technology for everything. Now a days there are a few people who use things like e-books or nooks. But in 15 years I believe that this is going to be a regular thing. I believe holograms will become a new trend. Sending information to people threw a hologram. I think that cars are going to be majorly improved. I think that every car will have plugs to charge things with, TV's in them, and maybe the car will no longer need to be driven but it drives itself. I also believe that planes will be improved. Every plane will now have TV's, plugs for your devices, wifi, and more. I think that in 15 years technology will have taken over everyone's lives completely. I also believe that the education for later generations is going to be much improved. I think that they will be using technology instead of big textbooks. They will be able to chose the classes they want to be in based on what they want to when they are older. I believe that most classes will be based on things that you will need when you get into the real world. They will no longer be teaching us about things that after you leave school you will no longer need. I think that all countries will have made peace with each other and we will share the things we have with others. I don't think we will have homeless people anymore. I also believe that money will be changed I'm not sure how it will be changed but I feel that it will. I believe in 15 years our world will be much improved.
Trendwatching movie - view of the future in 10-15 years in the magazine industry

My Children's Lives

I believe that when my children are growing up it is going to be much different then how I am growing up now. I believe that technology will play a much bigger role in there lives. I believe that their education will be beyond anything I can imagine now. I hope that my kids will be in a nice home and that everyone one will now live in a good home. I think that my children like everyone else will most likely have a phone at the age 5-7, I think that will become normal. I also think that they will have many more advantages with the new technology. I think that their brains will be better and bigger then ours. I think my kids will be very smart and able to go and do whatever they please. I believe that they will be able to vote by the age 16. I think that for kids of their generation there will be no limits to what they can achieve.
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