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Catalogue Encapsulation

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Reasons to Use Catalogue Encapsulation

One of the primary applications of encapsulation is the commercial and industrial catalogues. A catalogue encapsulation is beneficial to the companies that have a long list of items that needs to be available to a host of parties such as consumers, suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. The myriad of products offered by the company must be clearly displayed for the benefit of purchasers and retailers who want to make an order.

However, good encapsulation comes from quality encapsulating film and machine which work together to ensure a tight sealing of the product or document using an appropriate process. It could be a thermal process where impactful heating equipment is used with the appropriate encapsulation film or a pressure sensitive process to seal the material.

Application environment
Catalogue encapsulation is desirable by companies that produce a lot of items which would be sold in bulk. The plethora of products would make it difficult for different consumers to choose if there was no proper catalogue.

The catalogue identifies the different products regardless of their size and shapes especially where a slight difference is possible with the various models. The catalogue allows every piece of component to be identified by code, size, color, shape and function with a picture that makes it very clear to the potential purchaser the item to be ordered. This would ensure that there is no wrong ordering and purchasing of items as there are numerous choices from the supplier or manufacturer.

Hence, a catalogue needs to be a complete document that can be quite thick. Many copies would be needed to facilitate the ordering process as customers may walk in to browse through the catalogue. The constant handling of the catalogue if it was not properly encapsulated would lead to quick wear and tear which would cause the company more money to replace. The tattered or torn catalogue would reflect badly on the company’s image and brand. It is very much desired that the catalogue be encapsulated for projecting a better company image to the clients.

An encapsulated catalogue can save the company a lot of money in the long run as the protected catalogue would be more hardy and durable to last a longer lifespan. The company’s professional image would not be tarnished by the condition of the catalogue if it were encapsulated.

The ordering process would be more accurate to avoid inefficiencies and low productivity as the encapsulated catalogue would be very clear on its list of products to be sold.

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