Frequently Asked Questions

Should I send my child with snacks?

Yes! We offer snack daily. Most students are hungry and need the snack time to recharge.
Please send you child with snacks that they can independently open. Sending students with a water bottle will also help during snack time, after recess and throughout the day.

What is Readers’ Workshop?

Readers’ Workshop is a research-based approach that addresses the needs of all students in the class. RW begins with a focus lesson where the teacher explicitly models a strategy or skill. After the focus lesson, the students read independently to practice the strategy or skill. During independent reading, students are reading “just right” books that are matched to their individual abilities and interests. The teacher confers with students during independent reading to be sure they are successful in their practice or to provide 1:1 instruction around any particular needs. Sometimes, the teacher may work with a small group of students who have similar needs during independent reading. Finally, RW ends with a group share to summarize the important understandings of the lesson.

What is Writing Workshop?

Writing Workshop is an instructional model that views writing as an ongoing process in which
students follow a given set of procedures for planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their writing. It allows students to be at various stages of the writing process at one time. Collaboration with peers and teacher is inherent in this model. Process writing focuses primarily on what children want to communicate. Student choice is very important.