Medieval Churches


Main Belifes

Medieval Curches plaed arole in everyones life back then. Everyone belived in god, hevan, and, hell. The main christan religon was Roman Catholic. Everyone was terrified that if they did not atend mass they would go to hell.

Church Control

The church had total control over the people. The pesants worked for without pay on the church land. Pesants could have been spending time taking care of their familes insted. So you see peoples lives revolve around church.

These are some medieval you go.

Medieval Church, fun for the whole family!

Wealthy Churches

People made 10% of what they made each year to the church. This tax could be paid through currency, crops, or livestock. This tax eas called tithes. Wealthy citys had nice churches, poor citiys had crappy cruches.

Diffrent Types of Churchs

Some of the churchs were referd to as Cathedrals, more common in wealthy citys. Every city had a church, it was very bad or frowend upon if you didn't have a church in your city.