Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- March 17, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- Students worked really hard on their reading MAP test this week!!

Math- We're continuing our fractions unit. This week we looked at fractions of a set by sorting shapes into different categories and determining the fraction each set represented.

Science- Today we will program our circuits to light up, using Arduino boards and the scratch program. On Friday, we had an issue with the boards doing what we wanted them to do, but it was a great teachable moment that sometimes things don't always go as planned and we just have to be flexible and keep moving.

Social Studies- We have a lot of Flat Stanley mail rolling in and have received a few of our completed Flat Stanley packages. This is the most participation we've ever received on this project, so thank you!! It's been great to explore new places and customs through authentic learning experiences.

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Typing Practice- Important!

Next month, the Ohio State Reading Test will be taken on the computer. This means that students will be required to type their writing prompt response. Coming up with a writing response can be difficult for students, and the requirement to type this response can bring about even more anxiety. We would love for students to practice typing skills and we will do this in class as well.

We have set students up on a website called This site is great because it shows students where to place their fingers, and which fingers to use to type certain letters.

Student login will be the same as their google login.

Login example:

password will be eagles3!

Class Pet Sign Up!

I'm sure you've all heard about our class pet, Captain Fluffy Winkle. He's developed quite a fan club. We have students we don't even know, coming in from other classes, asking to see The Captain. We love it. :)

If you would like to care for Captain over a weekend or break, you can sign up here:

Headphones Needed

Students in grades 3-5 will need headphones for portions of the state tests in April. We would like for all students to have their own set of headphones for comfort and sanitary reasons. Headphones will be provided for students who do not have their own on the day of testing.

If you haven’t done so already, please send in one pair of headphones for your child to use during testing and in the classroom. A basic set of headphones or earbuds is all that is needed for testing. Please label the headphones and send in a labeled plastic ziploc bag to help with storage and travel. We ask that headphones be sent in ASAP. Thank you!