John van der Marel's Classroom

MES Cairo 2015

Entering the Classroom

Students are welcomed by a stimulating learning environment. Displays are of the highest quality and updated during the year. To give students ownership over their learning certain displays are created by them. The seating arrangement changes depending on the lesson.

Developing Literacy

To develop students' independent learning skills I, amongst other strategies, emphasise literacy development in all classes. One method is by providing students with displays describing the necessary mathematical language. I have therefore made a periodic table consisting out of keywords and their description grouped by topic. I refer to this display during most lessons and invite students to think of other keywords which could be added to the table.

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To develop students' academic language skills I have sentence stems displayed on all walls in my classroom. I encourage students to answer questions and reflect upon their learning using these stems.

Developing Meta-Cognitive skills

An important part of my classes is when students reflect upon their learning in their learning journal. Students can choose their own reflection activity when they have finished with their work or when I ask them to. During the year I change the available reflection activities and students are challenged to reflect differently upon their learning.
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Celebrating Success

To give all students the opportunity for success I display excellent pieces of their work in class. During the year more examples are added to the display. The frame of the display is made from cards showing 'classic mistakes'. This is to remind students that taking appropriate risks in their work, making mistakes and learning from them is part of their learning journey. Currently puzzles about sequences which groups of students were able to finish are being displayed. I created these puzzles using Tarsia.

Virtual Classroom

My classroom is not confined to four walls. I have created the flipped-classroom site on which I upload instructional videos and activities. Students use these resources as preparation to particular classes or to review that day's lesson. They can also use a forum to ask me question outside of school hours. Currently I have created over 500 instructional videos.

Thank you

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour through my classroom. Please check to see this flyer online. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you during an interview other strategies I have in place to enhance students' learning.