Athens VS Sparta

Who do you think was better?

Athens Government

  • The Athens had an Oligarchy that then turned into a democracy. This means that Athens was originally ruled by 2 kings, a council of elders, an assembly, and a 5 ephors. After that they were ruled by all citizens. That means that all citizens had a say in what goes on in the government ( keep in mind that not everyone qualified for citizenship in Athens).

Sparta Government

  • Unlike Athens, Sparta had a consistent Oligarchy. This meant not all citizens ran the government. Sparta was run by, Two kings, a council of elders (28 citizens over the age of 60 who presented laws to the assembly), an assembly ( all men over the age of 30 who vote on councils laws, and 5 Ephors ( who collected taxes).Those are the only people who were in the Government

Athens women's roles

  • In Athens woman had no say in the government. Woman in Athens just stayed at home, you know how we say " stay at home moms" well that is basically what they did. Boys went to school until they were 18 and learned how to read, write, do math,and play the lyre, while girls were taught by their mothers and learned spinning ,weaving,and household duties for when they grow up and do the same to their daughters. Only girls from wealthy families got to learn how to read, write, and possibly play the lyre.

Sparta's roles of woman

  • In Sparta the roles that the women played were very different than those of other Greek women. First of most their education was based on athleticism, in fact they were expected to participate in sports activities. Spartan's thought that having athletic women would make it so that their babies would be stronger and if male hopefully make an excellent solider.

Athens roles of men

  • In Athens the roles of men were very different than those of women in Athens. First off men were allowed to go to school till they were 18 years old and learn how to do math,writing,reading,and playing the lyre. Then they would become citizens that then became part of the government.

Spartan roles of men

  • In Sparta boys would go to the barracks at age 7. They did this to make them stronger and to get all of the boys thinking the same way. Then at age 20 they would go into the real army and start training for combat for ten years. At age 30 the men returned home but once the men get to age 60 they can retire, yet they still train for combat. the men were expected to die on the battlefield or win but don't surrender. One mother said "come home carrying your shield,or being carried on it."

Citizenship in Athens and Sparta

  • Originally in Athens and Sparta you had to be male,own land and take part in the government to be a citizen, but then it change so that women and children could be citizens too. Also you got some benefits like being able to have a say in what goes on in the government and what laws were passed. Sadly the benefits only came into play if you were male who was free and owns land,who also takes part in what goes on in the government. Slaves were not citizens and couldn't be citizens unless they were freed and bought land.
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