Learning & Friendship!

Mrs. Hutchins' 1st Grade February 2017

Important Dates

Feb. 2 Kindergarten Registration for the 2017/18 School Year (at the HCSD Admin Building)

Feb. 13, 14, & 15 Parent Teacher Conferences sign up here


Feb. 13 PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m. ADE Media Center

Feb. 14 Friendship Celebration

Feb. 15 Parent Digital Workshop 7-8pm Darby HS

Feb. 16 World Read Aloud Day (sign up below)


Feb. 17 No School

Feb. 20 No School President's Day

Friendship Celebration Tuesday, February 14th

Room 210 is having a Friendship Celebration!

Please have your child bring in a decorated gift bag or box for a Valentine card exchange on Tuesday, Friday 14th. We will not be decorating bags in the classroom. Please be sure to have a valentine for each child. It is best for each Valentine to have both the recipient’s name and the giver’s name. I will provide a cookie and juice to complete this celebration of our friendship!

Thank you,

Mrs. Hutchins

26 Students

  1. Aaliyah

  2. Ava

  3. Bella

  4. Cameryn

  5. Chelsea

  6. Connor

  7. Dahlia

  8. Drew

  9. Ethan H.

  10. Ethan S.

  11. Holt

  12. Josiah

  13. Katelyn

  14. Kenley

  15. Lana

  16. Landyn

  17. Levi

  18. Liam

  19. Lydia

  20. Nevaeh

  21. Maci

  22. Mackenzie

  23. Matilda

  24. Olivia

  25. Payton

  26. Rilynn

What is my child learning?


Since returning from Winter break, our teaching point has been "Author's Message"-finding what lesson the author is trying to teach us. We learned that not all fiction books has an author's message and that we won't always agree on the exact message but we need to be able to justify our thinking with some evidence from the book.

We have also been practicing our reading strategies by using our Shared Reading time to check for meaning of a text, make smart guesses of an unknown word and check our guesses with the letters we see.

In writing, we have been working on unfreezing our characters with dialogue, actions, and feelings, writing interesting beginnings and endings, and including sound words.

In phonics, we've playing games to practice making our sight words, practiced reading our words to each other when we have ABC papers, practicing breaking unknown words into syllables to hear more sounds when are writing and when to add -s or -es to the end of a plural word.


In math, we have been working on doubles (4+4), near doubles (4+5), halves (12-6=6), seeing the relationship between subtraction and addition with a heavy emphasis on story problems. We are also refocusing on addends that make 10, ways to organize our thinking when adding to 10, and 3 addend addition problems. Recently, we have just startedto learn about time!


We are knee deep in our learning about forces and motion. The kiddos enjoyed using their toys to learn about science. Marble painting was a BIG hit and I am really impressed by the time the kiddos took to try and create zig-zag lines, a curve (by far the hardest), and straight (horizontal/vertical) lines. Next week will discover how the properties of an object can be changed.

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