Runoff Pollution

By: Garret S P4B

How it effects YOUR health..

-Some drinking water from lakes are treated with chlorine. This chemical can make trihalomethanes (THMs). These THMs can increase your chance of bladdar and colon cancer as well has heart, lung, and nervous system diseases

-harmful chemicals like pesticides can effect drinking water sources and the people who use it

Visual Impact

-trash, oil, sediment, and chemicals can wash into lakes and steams to make them appear dirty

-when these pile up it effects everything that lives in it and can kill

Affect in Nation and World

-In the US many everyday activities like driving a car and throwing trash away can contribute to runoff pollution

-diseaes can be passed in swimmers in oceans and lakes around the world

Ways to Prevent

-Protect drinking water by using less pesticides and fertilizers

-Dispose of waste properly

-Don't hose harmful chemicals away into sewers

What others are doing to be advocates

Chesapeake Bay Foundation advocates against urban runoff pollution. They mainly focus on construction and post-construction areas where much of runoff pollution originates.