An overview by Jodi Cook

History of Free-verse

This is more irregular it was practiced in the 19th century poets such as Gustave Kahn and Jules Laforgue in 1890.

Purpose of free-verse

Rhymed or unrhymed made of limitations regard to metrical structure.

Characteristics of Poetic Form

Other sorts of poetry are no assorted by musical effects ,but free verse is. It is organized by rhythm and sound.

Example of a poetic form

After the Sea-Ship—after the whistling winds;

After the white-gray sails, taut to their spars and ropes,

Below, a myriad, myriad waves, hastening, lifting up their necks,

Tending in ceaseless flow toward the track of the ship:

Waves of the ocean, bubbling and gurgling, blithely prying,

Waves, undulating waves—liquid, uneven, emulous waves,

Toward that whirling current, laughing and buoyant, with curves,

Where the great Vessel, sailing and tacking, displaced the surface;

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