September Comes to an End

Here comes FALL


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Panda Cam

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We have been making observations of the Panda Mei Xiang and her new cub Bei Bei. Help us get more data by using the links above and below. Watch the live web cam (link above) and fill out the observation form (link below)-- scroll down to fill out the form and submit)

We will collect your data and include it in our report!

Our Memoirs!


We wrote memoirs in September and now we recorded them in our own voices! Please take time to listen to them!

The Helicopter by Ben

Dorothy Fox

The Helicopter by Dorothy Fox

Popcorn by Michael

Dorothy Fox

popcorn by Dorothy Fox

Memoir- by ZiRui

Dorothy Fox

Memoir by zirui 3 by Dorothy Fox

My Camping Trip by John

Dorothy Fox

My camping trip john by Dorothy Fox

Cape May by Christian

Dorothy Fox

cape may christian by Dorothy Fox

The Haunted House In Keansberg Amusement Park by Gage

Dorothy Fox

The Haunted House in Keansburg Amusement Park - By Gage (Read Along) by Dorothy Fox

Virginia Waterpark by Jack

Dorothy Fox

virginia waterpark jack by Dorothy Fox

MATH and GCF-by Monserrat and Hailey

WE have worked on prime factors and factorization. We also worked on divisibility. Today in class we worked finding the on Greatest Common Factor of two numbers!! We will follow up on Monday!