Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 23, 2014

Week 5

This nine weeks is flying by! Progress notices were sent home in folders. If your child has an area highlighted please sign and return the progress note to me. Reminder, we have a 3 week and 6 week progress period and then reports cards are sent out or viewed on Skyward.

Up Coming Events at Dodd

* Friday, September 26th 8:00 am - Reading Day Parade - Students dress up as their favorite book character that they have read, bring their book, and join in a character parade at school. Parents are welcome the come and see that great stories and costumes on parade! Participation is highly recommended, as we are going to be having classroom activities during the day. (Prizes will be involved within my classroom!)


This week and next, we are reading the novel Judy Moody Declares Independence by Megan McDonald. Students have predicted what the story is about and are working on using context clues and the dictionary to look up unknown words. The fun thing about this book is that it is kid friendly, full of mischief from her brother Stink, and it covers some of the history terms we have been working on social studies with our government unit. Some of the vocabulary we are discussing in chapters 1-6 are declaration, revolution, taxes, jealous, independence, freedom, declare, harbor, earn, and responsible.

Social Studies

We have been reviewing and learning a ton of information about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Click on the link to watch a few School House Rock clips about our government. This Friday, students will take their first district assessment in social studies. They should have their social studies journals to look over any last minute notes and information that will help on the test.

Spelling and CUPS

This week students alphabetized their spelling words in their spelling journal and worked with words that followed the ew and oo pattern. We will also begin working with prepositions which are words that can show direction or position.