future third grade



Iris and dan: iris and dan helps you write essays.it helps you in your draft book.and in stories.

Cause and effect : cause and effect is where you tell about...earthquakes,tornados,floods And fires.


Fractions: fractions is a way to add.it's a way harder way.but it is fun.

Area and perimeter: area and perimeter is where we add the sides. Width and length.

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heat is where we went outside and we got black water bottles and white water bottles.we saw which one got more heat.

Space: we used old shoe boxes to build planets.planets were fun.we presented the boxes after we finished.

social studies

Land forms: is where we got different color play dough and built land forms.it was fun.

Monarchy and dictatorship: is where we played a little game of musical chairs.it was very fun.

life skill


Because we want to do the right thing when teachers aren't looking


Patriot celebration
field day
100th day of school

favrite event

filed day
3rd Grade LCC