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Information on Timor

Information that you'll need to know

Climate: 2 seasons. Wet season & Dry season & average temperature is 30-35 degrees Celsius.

Population: (in 2004) 998,000 & (in 2005) 2,900,000.

Largest City (not Capital) : Kupang.

Capital City: Dili.

System of Govt.: Poor country, many health issues and diseases.

Highest point: Ramelau (2,963M).

River(s): Southern & Northern Laclo rivers.

Crops & Agriculture: Coffee growing & 90% of the country is Christian.

Natural Resources: Gas & oil in Timor Sea. 14th century Sandalwood, honey & wax.

Area: 30,777 square kilometres

Languages: Tentun, English, Indonesian & Portuguese.

Fun Fact: 'Timur' means 'east' in Malay.

By Caitlin O'Brien & Kieran Gibson