Class Updates

by Mrs. Gaal and Ms. Marrion

This Week's Friday Envelope Contains:

-Immigration Interview Activity Rubric

-Math Cumulative Review Sheet


This week, I introduced a new project that students will be working on in class over the next several weeks: creating their own civilization. In small groups, students will use the cultural universals as a guide to what makes up a society, and they will construct examples of how these universals are manifested in their own civilizations. Please ask your child to share with you the project folder in their Google Drive so you can take a look at all their documents they’ve been working on this week: the group social contract, the overall group roles, their collaboration self-assessment, the progress tracker, and the planning packet. The overall requirements for this project can be found under the “topics” page on the FHS website.

In writing workshop this week, we have really been focusing on four main aspects of writing mechanics: Capitalization, organization, punctuation, and spelling. We played several games to process some of the more challenging grammar rules, so please ask your child about silent speedball (with and without rules), as well as the creative sentences they constructed on the mini whiteboards. We will keep using as a way to practice our mechanics in conjunction with applying them to our own writing during workshop time. Please know that students can use this website for more practice any time they would like!

For those of you that are interested, feel free to take a look at the immigration interview activities that the students created at


Where We Are:

  • Completing addition and subtraction of fractions with regrouping.

  • Quiz on this topic scheduled for Tuesday, December 16.

Where We Are Going:

  • Multiplication and division of fractions including applications to word problems.

Practice opportunities:

  • Starting this Friday, I am assigning cumulative review problems to be completed by next Friday. Everyone received a copy in this week’s Friday folder. This can also be found on the FHS homework site.

  • Next week I will post (on the FHS homework site) four opportunities for additional review of skills. This is not mandatory, but offers a useful tool to keep current on skills we’ve covered.


Where We Are:

  • We are preparing to publish our Powtoons to a playlist for everyone to share.

  • Today we applied Newton’s Laws to riding a bicycle. Ask your child what they learned. They might want to share the TED video.

Where We Are Going:

  • In the spirit of the season, next week we will introduce ‘Circuits’ and everyone will apply these skills to construct a lit gingerbread house.

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