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December 2016 - Designed by Digital Leaders

New Build

Here are some photos of the new build – we are looking forward to moving in.

Social Media – E-bytes December 2016

Every month we will be sharing with you either a review of a current app that students are enjoying or a news article. Whilst carrying out research I came across this article that I thought you would find interesting from http://parentzone.org.uk and with their permission I have been allowed to publish it here for you. I hope you will find it interesting and useful – Ms P. Calderaro.

Social networking is a massive part of young people’s lives. It can sometimes seem as though apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter take up most of a typical teen’s waking hours. And it’s not just children – social media is now one of the biggest ways that celebrities, major news outlets and even politicians spread their message and reach out to people.

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about what your child does on social media and the amount of time they spend doing it. If you’re not active on Snapchat yourself, it can be hard to understand the allure of sending and viewing pictures designed to self-destruct. And even if you do use some of the major social networks, it often seems like new ones are popping up every minute.

Fortunately you don’t have to stay on top of every trend in social media to help your child enjoy it safely. In her book It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, Danah Boyd wrote:

‘Teens turn to, and are obsessed with whichever environment allows them to connect to friends. Most teens aren’t addicted to social media; if anything, they’re addicted to each other.’

So many of the things you’ll have to think about when helping your child enjoy social media are similar to the things you think about in their offline friendships – are they getting too hung up on what other people think? Are their friends pressuring them or undermining their confidence? And of course, there are some specific issues that come with socialising online. Here’s our guide to some of the things you’ll need to know when helping your child navigate the world of social media.

Think about…

Age limits

Most social media has a minimum age. The most common one by far is 13 – this is related to American data protection legislation. It’s not necessarily a judgement on how age-appropriate the service is so you might think your child is ready at a younger age, or should wait until they’re even older. Still, it’s important to remember that sites and apps that are 13+ may not have measures in place to protect younger children, or could allow content that’s aimed at an older age group.

Comparing yourself to others

We tend to put our best face forward online. No one wants to post pictures of when their weekend away got rained out and they spent the whole time moping indoors. But it’s easy to get a bit down on yourself after scrolling through a feed of pictures of all your friends having a great time. And depending on who your child follows, there might well be some unattainably gorgeous celebrities thrown in for good measure. Your child will need to think critically about what they see on social media and remember that no one is as perfect as their Instagram account would suggest.

What others think about you

Everyone likes to be appreciated and it feels good when friends like or share your posts on social media. It’s also easy for teens and young people to get too preoccupied with what their peers think of them. This natural insecurity plus easily quantifiable measures of popularity, like number of Facebook friends or likes on a selfie, can be a tricky mix. Make sure your child knows you’re always there for them if it ever feels like they’ve got no friends, and remind them of all the things they’re good at and loved for offline. If your child is one of the few with thousands of adoring followers, talk about how no one can please everyone all the time. It’s risky to tie your sense of self too closely to other people’s opinions.


Some people do use social media specifically to bully others. Whether it’s cruel comments on pictures, nasty messages or a dedicated hate group, online bullying can be very hurtful and can feel harder to escape than offline bullying. Fortunately, just about all the major social media platforms come with tools for blocking other users and reporting abuse. You can find more information on tackling online bullying here. You should also make sure your child knows how – and how not – to treat other people online. Something that seems like a harmless joke to one group of friends could end up really hurting someone else.

Digital footprint

Your children have probably heard it all before, but it’s still important to remind them that what goes online stays online. Making hurtful comments or posting compromising pictures could give people the wrong idea about who they really are, and could even affect their school and work options later in life.

Don’t forget the positives

Your child’s digital footprint doesn’t have to be a risk to be managed. Using social media positively and creatively can help them build an online reputation to be proud of. Lots of worthwhile causes use social media to campaign and raise awareness, and your child can use it to get involved in something they care about. It can also be a useful tool for staying informed, making professional connections and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Having the conversation

There’s a lot to cover to help your child be strong on social media. Here are some of our top tips on practical ways to help your child stay safe.

  • Agree together when they’ll join. It’s easier to talk to your child about the right age for social media than to try to get them off it once they’ve signed up. If you think your child is too young, be prepared to explain your concerns and to listen to their reasons for wanting an account. It might involve a bit of negotiation. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to make the final decision but it’s likely to be easier to enforce if your child understands your reasons and feels they’ve been involved.
  • Set some ground rules. Especially when your child first starts using social media, it’s a good idea to talk about what is and isn’t allowed. For instance, you might be happy for your child to have a Facebook account, but only want them to accept friends they know in real life.
  • Know the tools. Safety tools and privacy settings are an important part of using social media responsibly. Talk to your child about how to find blocking and reporting tools and privacy settings on their favourite apps, and why it’s a good idea to use them.
  • Stay involved. You don’t have to know about every new app that’s popular with teens but it’s smart to have a general sense of what your child gets up to. You probably want to know where your child goes and what they do with friends in the offline world – it’s the same thing online.

Christmas Dance Show

The Christmas Dance Show took place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December. The show was titled "Goffs Does Disney" and included a variety of Disney Musicals as well as Street Dance, Tap, Modern and Contemporary numbers. The students rehearsed for several months and even committed to Sunday rehearsals. They put on a spectacular performance and should be extremely proud of their talents.

Some numbers in the show were even choreographed by the students themselves. The Year 9 Motiv8 Team were responsible for three of the numbers and Katy Pinnell in Year 11 created the Tap dance numbers. A special thanks goes to Megan Hall, Georgia Beels and Jodie Mateides who continuously help Miss Ball and Miss Fleet to run dance club on Wednesday nights.

The Dance Show was held to help raise money for the Great Ormond Street Charity. A massive thank you to everyone that donated money towards refreshments and brought tickets, this money will help the hospital to buy Christmas Presents for the children under their care.

Dance club will continue to run throughout the rest of the Year on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 3.00-4.15. The next Dance Show will be held in the Summer term. Finally, well done to all of the students involved, you were all magnificent!!

Miss Fleet and Miss Ball

Girls' Football Report

It has been an excellent start of the year for girls' football; we have many talented players and have more than 40 girls at training each week which has increased from last year. At training the girls put in a tremendous amount of effort, they connect with all players from all years which is nice for the Year 7s to feel comfortable. The training sessions have been led by the Year 11 girls and a coach from Tottenham Hotspurs, learning new skills each week and how to apply them in a game.

We have many fixtures coming up after Christmas; we have only had one this year due to cancellations. The Year 7 District game against Chauncy School put on an amazing performance winning 13-1. The Year 7 team are on their way to repeat the Year 8 success last year of winning the district competition.

Miss Hague


Goffs School Football Report Autumn term 2016

Year 7

County Cup Round 2. Lost 5-2 v Richard Hale

Year 8

County Cup Round 1. Won 6-2 v St Michaels

County Cup Round 2. Won 6-5 v Hertswood

Year 10

County Cup Round 2. Lost 3-1 v Stanborough

Year 11

County Cup Round 1. Won 3-1 v Cavendish

1st XI

County Cup Round 2. Won 2-1 v Freman College

County League Division 1. Won 3-0 v Ashlyns

Year 7 Rugby

The first term has been very successful with regards to our Year 7 Rugby team. We have had great numbers since the start of September and have been growing ever since. We currently have a group of 24 students who have now taken a great interest in training regularly every Monday and partaking in fixtures. Before the October half term we took a group of students over to Cheshunt Rugby Club to participate in a rugby festival with other local schools. This was a great success and the students really enjoyed learning and participating in some friendly competition.

More recently our Year 7s had a fixture against St Nicholas which saw them come out victorious 35-25 which was an impressive score line as this was their first competitive match representing the school. It has been a great term for our Year 7 Rugby team. We are always looking for students to get involved by coming training on a Monday and representing the school in future matches.

Mr Spaul

Teacher of PE

Great Geography Bake Off

At the end of last half-term, the Geography department held a Great Geography Bake Off as a House competition. We had a total of 16 entries from students in Years 7-13 and the standard of the cakes that they produced was amazing. After voting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, the winners are as follows:

1st place - Katie Hewitt (Year 10) with her 'Volcano' cake - HAWK

2nd place - Eleanor (Year 13), Olivia (Year 10) and Isabelle Turner (Year 7) with their 'Mount Turner' cake - EAGLE

3rd place - Loukas Vernadakis (Year 9) with his 'Volcano and Waterfall' cake - PHOENIX

The House System

The House team outdid themselves last half term, raising a phenomenal £700 for Great Ormond Street Hospital from the Year 7 Halloween disco and pop up tuck shop. Once again, the Halloween Disco was a highlight of the first half term and saw lots of jumps and screams - especially on the haunted walk! The House Team would like to say a huge thank you to all involved, these events wouldn’t be able to take place without your input!

On Wednesday 23rd November, we saw the return of the ‘Capture the Flag’ competition headed up by Hawk Captain Kira Scales. Held at lunchtime, the competition provided a fun way for entrants to win points for their house and a great time was had by all! Many thanks to Kira for organising this event, it was a brilliant show down with house coming out victorious!

Additionally, in order to raise some Christmas spirit this half term, (as well as more money for Great Ormond Street Hospital!) the House Team ran numerous seasonal events throughout December. A Christmas themed pop-up tuck shop, the desktop design competition, a seasonal quiz for forms to enter in ATM, Christmas Jumper Day and a raffle lit up the school calendar and were wonderful ways to get our school community into the Christmas spirit. Once again, we were dumbfounded by the generosity of all involved and managed to raise an astonishing £914.05 for GOSH in addition to the funds raised by Miss Ball and Miss Fleet’s dance show. All money raised will make a huge difference to the patients and families at GOSH, especially at this time of year, so sincere thanks go out to all involved.

The House Team have some exciting things happening next year and look forward to revealing more about this once we have moved into the new build, so keep an eye out for House related announcements!

On that note, we would like to wish all members of our Goffs community a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Miss Huseyin