Freedom Rides

By: Keaton, Morgan & Aaron


Black people were unhappy that they did not have the right to ride on public transportation. CORE decided to defy this rule and start integrated bus rides to prove their cause. Segregation was said to be illegal but blacks were far from equal.


CORE was the main leader of freedom rides. Some specific people are...

Ralph Abernathy- helped Martin Luther King Jr. organize SCLC

Stokely Carmichael- SNCC

Martin Luther King Jr.- supporter of freedom rides and helped Abernathy organize SCLC

Diane Nash- helped found SNCC

Fred Shuttleworth- helped Martin Luther King Jr. with SCLC

James Farmer- member of CORE

Robert F. Williams: president of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People branch in North Carolina

John F. Kennedy- president during freedom rides


A intergrated bus ride was organized by Fellowship of Reconciliation to defy the government's racist laws. More bus rides ensued. The Morgan v. Virginia ruling made segregation in transportaion illegal and the Boyton v. Virginia ruling declared segregation in resturaunts and public restrooms also unconstitutional. One violent ride occured on the way to Washington where many of the CORE members were arrested for their protests. Many white mobs awaited the rides with insults flying and threatening actions.


The racism blacks faced mainly occured in the south, especially the deep south where many people still thought blacks were created slaves.

Freedom Rides


The Freedom Rides started on May 4, 1961. They went on until 1968 after Martin Luther King Jr.'s death.


Many white people were violent towards blacks and continued to arrest the riders. However, the riders kept protesting and soon president John F. Kennedy was forced to step in. Black people were determined to be treated equally.


Because of CORE's protests for racial equality an John F. Kennedy enacted the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to ban segregation.

This video shows the blacks struggle towards their goal.