Wedding Update

Eric and Alexi's Wedding Update

WE DID IT!!! November 1 was the 3 year anniversary of our first date and it is now our wedding anniversary as well. It was a perfect day and you can read all about it on our website (see below). Now we're ready to CELEBRATE!!

November 11 :: mini-celebration dinner:
Since many of you marked November 11 off your calendars, we would love for you to celebrate with us, if you would like. We would like to get a group together and have a casual dinner at a local restaurant. More details are on the website. So, please visit the website and RSVP! :)

We are still planning to have a wedding reception. It will be in the Spring after the craziness of the Holiday season dies down.

Please go to to read about the wedding day, Nov 11 dinner, Spring reception, and to RSVP.

(We're still working on adding photos to the photo gallery on the website.)

Thank you for being a part of our family and for celebrating with us! We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on November 11 and/or the Spring!