Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line

Common Sense Media

A Spotlight on Strategies: Step Inside

Students will use the teaching strategy, Step Inside. This strategy allows them to take place of the character in the video and retell the story from their point of view by answering discussion questions in small or whole groups. By doing this strategy, students will enhance their understanding of the topic. Read more here:

Common Sense Media: Stacey's Story

Students will watch the video, "Stacey's Story: When Rumors Escalate".

Questions for Discussion

Facilitate a Group discussion

This part of the strategy can be done within small groups or one large group. The questions can also be posted on Schoology/Edmodo for the students to answer at home. Discuss the questions above about Stacey's situation.


TEACHERS: I challenge you to try this strategy in your classroom! Allow the students to interact with the characters when writing about their point of view. Provide the opportunity for group discussions.