Natural Disasters Project

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Natural Disasters Project

For this project, you are going to be the teacher. Your job is to pick a topic that interests you, research all about it, and present your findings to the class. You will work alone.

Here is a list of the criteria and your responsibilities for this project.

  1. You have 2 weeks to complete this project. THAT IS IT. two weeks, so be productive and work hard. Your final project will count as two tests grades, one for the information and one for your oral presentation. (Language Arts)

  2. Read through the information provided in the resource links I listed below and any others you find on your own.

  3. Gain a better understanding of the natural disaster you chose to research. Create a presentation you will use to teach the class about your topic. You will make a google slides presentation after you have found all of the research to answer the following questions.

Criteria for the Assignment

Your presentation should be as long as you need it to be to address the following:
Please answer the blue questions for your presentation and use the black questions as guides to what kind of information I am looking for. You do not need to answer every black sub-question, but include information similar to that in your project. BE SURE to give credit to where you found the information by copying the URLs or writing the names of the books you used, if you do not you will not receive credit for answering those questions.
  • What causes your natural disaster?
    • That means how did it form?
    • What causes it to happen?
    • And/or why does your disaster occur?
  • What affect does your natural disaster have on people's lives?
    • That means what kind of damage does your natural disaster cause?
    • How are people effected (damages to homes, loss of jobs, injury, and/or death to love ones?)
    • How many people are injured or die from your disaster? How does that happen?
  • How often does your natural disaster occur?
    • That means does your disaster happen everyday, once a year, or once in a lifetime?
    • Does your disaster happen in one part of the United States more than others?
    • Does your disaster happen in one part of the World more than other places?
  • What is the biggest or worst occurrence your natural disaster?
    • That means when did the biggest or strongest recorded event of your disaster's history take place?
    • When and where did your disaster do the most damage in the United States?
    • When and where in the World has the most recent of your disaster happened?
  • Describe when or if your natural disaster ever happened in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Include as many pictures as needed to help tell the story.

Present your knowledge to the class.

  • You will give a two to three minute present to teach the class what you have learned.
    • You will be judged on eye contract with your audience.
      • Did you look at your audience most of the time when presenting; not just Mr. Jarvis, the board, or your computer?
    • Whether or not you knew the information.
      • Did you know what you were going to say or did you have to read everything off the board or your computer screen?
      • You need to teach us like we do not know anything on your topic.
    • And if you use a loud clear voice and kept everyone's attention.
      • Could everyone in the back of the classroom hear you?
      • Did you make your presentation interesting and informative or just put words/pictures on a page?


Remember : You MUST be in your Google Drive account for all information to be saved.