Landmark Presentation St.Louis Arch

By:Noland,Kelsey 2A

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Elegant of art and Principle of design

I used the Principle of design in this artwork to create a monochromatic Landscape and I used a total of three colors Purple,Black,and White. Those are the only three colors that I used. A Monochromatic Painting is were you use shades and Tints so, you basically get lighter as you look down the painting.

History and Culture on St.Louis Arch

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JNEM) was created in 1935, and became part of the National Park Service.
Civic leader Luther Ely Smith conceived the idea of building a memorial to help revive the riverfront and memorialize the story of the nation’s westward expansion. Through a nationwide design competition conducted 1947–1948, Eero Saarinen’s stainless steel Arch was chosen as the memorial that would celebrate the accomplishments of early pioneers. St. Louis celebrated with a groundbreaking on June 23, 1959.
Over the next few years, Saarinen perfected his design and workers began excavating the grounds in 1961.
In 1962, the Bi-State Development Agency (BSDA) was asked to finance the $2 million tram system that transports visitors to and from the top of the Arch. Meanwhile, it took steadfast coordination to put every piece of the Arch into place until the final section at the top of the Arch was secured on October 28, 1965.
Trams became operational in 1967, thanks to the funds that BSDA raised by selling revenue bonds. In the same year, the Visitor Center, with exhibits, opened to the public.

Art and Design Of the St.Louis Arch

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My Personal response

I grew up around Missouri So,the Missouri Arch in St. Louis I passed by it overtime I went back to Missouri. The Arch is very Signifiant Landmark because it marked the Movement out west when america was in the process of starting.

Unity of this peace

The Element of art that I used in my work is Color,I organized these colors to achieve the principle of design,Unity. Unity is creating a harmonious feeling by repeating an Element throughout the peace. The Unity of this peace was that I repeated the Color Purple throughout my peace by tinting and shading the Color purple.