Elizabeth Blackwell

By Tasia Taggart

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who is elizabeth blackwell ?

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female doctor in the US ,

she orginated from bistrol united kingdom

she was born Febuary 3 ,1821 and died may 31 ,1910

she studied at the geneva medical collage

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Elizabeth's famous quote

"if society will not admit of women's free development the society must be remodeled "

" the idea of winning a doctors degree gradually assumed the aspect of great moral fight possed immense attraction to me ."

"a blank wall of social and professional antagonism faces the women physician that forms a situation of singular and painful loneliness , leaving her without support ,respect or professional counsel ."

"our school education ignores in a thousand ways the rules of healthy development "

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what did Elizabeth do ?

Elizabeth received her deploma at the age of 28

she was to shy to ask teachers and classmates for help she learned and did everything on her own

in the summers Elizabeth work as a clinic at blockley almshouse

in 1849 she crossed the atlantic to study medical meccas of paris and london

she then studied at saint barlows in london

she established a dispensary for the urban poor in manhattan square in 1857

she had expanded it to newyork for women and children