Chinese Cinderella

by Adeline Yen Mah (Project by Morgan Losabia)

Time Period of Chinese Cinderella

  • The book focuses on an event that's from when she was born to when she was fourteen (when she was considered unlucky by her family).
  • The book covers fourteen years of the author's life (when she was born to when she was fourteen).

Main conflict

  • The author was considered bad luck and was treated unfairly by her family when she was growing up.


  • Her parents start treating her differently by allowing her to go to college with her brothers, but she still didn't get to choose what she wanted to study.


  • They send Adeline (the author) to college with her brothers and she studies obstetrics.

Author's Thoughts/Feelings

  • Pg. 82 "Immediately, Jackie released the bird (PLT) from his jaws, but with a pang, I saw PLT's left leg dangling lifelessly and her tiny webbed foot twisted at a grotesque angle. Blood spurted from an open wound. I was overwhelmed with horror. My whole world turned desolate."
  • The author was very sad and depressed that one of her only friends had died.
  • Lesson Learned- I think she learned that no matter how hard life may be or feel at the moment, it'll always get better.
  • Pg. 197 "In a way both Ye Xian and Cinderella are like you: children who are mourning for their dead mothers. Their stories may be perceived as talismans against despair. By winning that prestigious international playwriting competition, you have climbed another rung on the ladder of success. Like Ye Xian, you have defied odds and garnered triumph through your own efforts. Your future is limitless and I shall always be proud of you, my Chinese Cinderella."

Figurative Language


  • Pg. 123, "At Hong-qiao Airport there were huge crowds milling around, pushing and shoving like a human tidal wave."
  • The author was trying describe how there were a lot of people at the airport.


  • Pg. 125, "Ten years old! How time flies!"
  • The author was trying to describe how time went by quickly.

Quotes that Represent the Main Idea

  • Pg. 104, "I looked up at him in utter desolation. The fabric of my life was about to be torn apart. My heart felt heavy with the most excruciating pain. But he merely related the whip over his arm and walked out"
  • Pg. 192, " He looked radiant. For once he was proud of me"
  • Pg. 192, "My whole world being vibrated with all the joy in the world. I only had to stretch out my hand to reach the stars."

Main Idea

  • The main idea of Chinese Cinderella is that it may seem like a rough time right now, but it will always get better.
  • The quote(s) relates to the theme because it shows one of her harder/ more difficult memories and one of her happiest moments in childhood.
  • The quote(s) are important to the story because it shows how her life was hard and eventually got better.