Roller Coasters

Week 3 of Summer School

Science & Engineering

Monday-Thursday: We will be working on building different types of bridges and tracks.


We will be creating a roller coaster online, making a presentation in Google Drive, creating or fixing our websites, and many other fun activities.

Roller Coaster Website

Last week, we published our websites. Your student should have their website address and the password. If you need another copy of it, please email and I will get it for you.

Art Exploration

This week we will be working on different bridge and roller coaster designs. Along with designing bridges we will create a roller coaster.

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Mathematics Exploration

We will be creating a pretend trip to Walt Disney World. While we are creating our trip, we will see how much it will cost to travel, eat, and go to the parks.

Along with creating our pretend trip we will work on multiplication.

Mrs. Milligan's Information

Here is my contact information and Creekmoor Elementary's phone number. Please don't hesitate to email or call me!

Spirit Days

Every Monday: Royals Spirit wear (if you don't have any Royals wear, wear BLUE)

Every Tuesday: Hat Day

Every Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day

Every Thursday: Sunglass Day