A Very Chill Writer's Club

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After school, Tuesdays, in November

(and any other day you want to stay after to write).


In the Lakeview High School Media Center


Do you enjoy creative writing? Do you have an idea for the next great novel?

You should join NANOWRIMO!

November is National Novel Writing Month, and people all over the country are scrambling to write an entire novel in 30 days.

If you sign up for the adult club . . . you have to write 50, 000 words.

If you sign up for the Young Writer's Program, you get to pick your goal!

The best part? If you reach your goal, you WIN one copy of your book . . . published for FREE!

What do I write about? Anything you want (although fiction is king of NANOWRIMO).

When do I write? Every free second you have (and during our weekly meeting).

Why? To say you wrote a novel in a month (bragging rights)!

Have questions?

See Ms. Morningstar-Gray!

Or contact Katryn Lendvay!