Nike Child Labor

Nike, Just don't do it.

Child Labor Scandal

Nike was accused of using child labor in Pakistan. While Pakistan has laws about child labor they ignore the laws or the child slave master bribes the police to get out of the situation. Nike was accused of using sweatshops in Pakistan and other countries. Sweatshops are places where it's really hot and children are forced to work, and they get paid very little. The children were forced to make soccer balls and were chained to their stations. Nike was fully aware of what they were doing and they planned it out before the action happened. One child that was there said he stitched soccer balls for most of the day and only got 60 cents.


Nike has changed a lot since those allegations. They now pay their workers fair wages for them to survive, they don't force their employees to work, and they don't exploit their employees. I would encourage you readers to send a message to Nike and see how they are doing without using child labor, or encourage them saying that they took the right path of not using it.

First Hand Account

Jim Keady was studying one day when he came across Nike and found some research that they were using child labor in Indonesia. He was concerned because his college (St. Johns) was negotiating a 3.5 million dollar deal with their division 1 athletic director. He was currently coaching their soccer team and that would force him to wear Nike clothing. Jim thought it was unfair that they were making that deal because the school is a Cathlic based school. Jim then went to Indonesia to see what it was like for the kids there. You can see more of Jims experience in the YouTube video bellow.
Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh


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