The Sun

The layers of the sun and other features

What are the suns layers?

  • Core
  • Radiative Zone
  • Convective Zone
  • Photosphere
  • Chromospere
  • Corona
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The region of the sun where nuclear reactions take in hydrogen to form helium.
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Radiative zone

Energy moves outward in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The section between the core, and the convective zone.
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Convective zone

A region which hot plasma rises, then cools and falls. This is why it is called the convective zone.
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The surface of the sun that is visible, this is a layer of gas.
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This is the sphere of color(chromo). It is above the photosphere and below the solar transition region.
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Plasma that surrounds the sun and is millions of kilometers wide.
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Sunspots are where the sun is colder, and they appear as darker spots.
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A gaseous feature that extends from the sun.
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Magnetic energy that has built up, and is suddenly released.
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Giant gas could from the sun collides with the electromagnetic field
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