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Electro Magnetic

Founder And Mastermind of our Industry

Nikola Tesla was born July 10th 1856 in Croatia. He worked extensively in electromagnetic motors to beat out a rival and once friend Thomas Edison. Creating near 300 inventions that were patented, although many of his invetions were never patented.

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction is when voltage is created when it is exposed to magnetic fields. In motors copper coils are spun which create a magnetic field which in return creates voltage leading to power to run whatever is to be ran.

Our Top of the Line Products


This product here uses the elctromagentic waves to heat up food instead of having to place it into an oven. The waves produced by the microwaves are large and vibrate the molecules in order to make it hot.

Percy Spencer created the micriowave was born in Maine and was an engineer and inventor died at the age of 76


Our cellphones use electromagnetic waves in order to kill off our buyers faster. The magnetic filed from the cellphone used to gain signal passes through more items to gain better service.

Martin cooper is the creator he may also be known as the creator for the wirelss radio spectrum, was born in Chicago

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Our magnificent mini radio will blast away your ears. It uses electromagnetic waves to transmitt the music from the radio tower. And then creates a eletric current to vibrate the speaker to create the music.

David Hughes invented this item, he worked also on the microphone,teleprinter and other electrical items


The best wireless microphone yet. Our microphones have the best signal possible, you can walk 10139012 feet from the reciever and still have solid connection. The electromagnetic waves are tuend to the saem wavelength to transfer all the data

Gerhard Sessler created the microphone was a earner of the Ben Franklin award and worked with James West tro create the microphone

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Our tv's are electromagentic guided. The electromagnetic waves guide the correct pixles to the tv to present prestine picture quailty.

Philo Fansworth wa the inventor of the TV worked on many items that dealt with images but later died of pnemoniua

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Remote Control

The tv needs a remote. Buy our deluxe remote it uses the waves to find the frequency of your tv in order to change the channel, the volume and a lots more.

Our father NIkola Tesla created this monster of a item, he was a machanical engineer who had huge contributions to electric currents


The best. This refrigerator comes with a freezer. It uses the electromagnetic waves to run the motor by spinning the coil to operate the motor in order to keep the fluid to cool the food going.

Carl Von linde a German man who also worked trying to create pure oxygen and nitrogen also a mechanical engineer

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Our satellite will make it out of our universe. This satellite will bring you the best channels in the galaxy. Using the electromagnetic waves it will you a frequency not used by any other transmitter in or to bring crystal clear movies for a new tv.

Benjamin Franklin created the first satellite, he was a very smart man who had many theories on electricity and made many thing to back them up.

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The generator will use its electromagnetic waves in order to get the motor running. It uses a copper coil to keep it going

Anyos Jedlik cretaed the motor he was a hunagarian with many other works in electricity

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Our MRI will create a crystal clear image of your inside. The MRI uses the magnetic field to interact with the atoms magnetic field which in return create a image.

The inventor of this almight item is Raymond V Damadian, he researched sodium cells with nuclear magnetism which led to the MRI.

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