Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

November 15, 2013

Another Week Is Complete!

It's been another busy week in our classroom! We've finished our WKCE testing! Yahoo! We're working extremely hard on transitioning in our classroom and being respectful to everyone in the classroom. Please remind your student about these expectations even at home! Thanks!

Here's What We've Been Workin' On!

Math-We've started learning about the division process. We're learning about a few different methods to complete this process, one is the area model/place value method. Please click on this link to view a screen cast I created to help you learn how to do this method. Any support with facts that you can give your child is extremely beneficial during math class. Not knowing facts really impacts the daily practice of the division skills. (Link to the screen cast)

Science-Today we assessed our knowledge about static electricity. It was really fun to watch students go home and conduct experiments using static electricity on their own! I loved watching them! Stay tuned for the static tests to come home on Monday!

Next week we're starting to discuss electricity in circuits. (This is all hands on!)

Daily 5: Your student is now in a book club, and is expected to keep up with the reading each night. This weekend ask your student about his/her book club and what the story is about so far.

Writing: Our personal narratives are in draft form, and we're going to be taking them to the editing stages next week. Our goal is to have these done by Thanksgiving.

WtW-Sort Test Today!

Remember to use the planner page link each night to remind your student what he/she is responsible for. A great idea would be to bookmark this link on your device/computer/phone so that you have easy daily access! PLANNER PAGE CLICK HERE!

Educational Apps On The iPads!

Your student now has a "Scootpad" account where he/she is expected to log minutes on the math/reading practice activities each week. Encourage your student to use this app if your'e driving longer distances or if you're hearing that he/she is "bored!"

Splash Math!-- An awesome math practice app we have purchased and pushed to all the iPads. Right now it'd be great if your child worked on division practice on this app!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary School