Santa Day

Come to the North Pole for fun to meat Santa Claus

We have the hole North Pole for anybody to come! It's $15 per ticket for kids Adult is $20

and over 45 years old is $15. Santa is expecting a lot of you. You get to meat the Reigndeer! It will be from December 20 to the 23

Santa day

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 9am

The North Pole

Santa Day

Starts at 10:00 A.M. At 11:00 there is the reigndeer petting till 12:30 Then at 12:35 is the when you can meet Santa till 4:00 then at 4:35 is the Santa howdown. and there is rides you can ride built and ran by the elfs. And you can get food also. There is pizza, chicken, pasta, Candycane soup, ginger bread stue, hot wings and a lot more!

santa day

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