Class of 2023 News and Updates

September 9, 2022

Welcome Back!

After a successful first few weeks, it is now time for the fast and furious events of the senior year to begin. This is the first of many updates and reminders you will receive during the course of the school year regarding the events of the senior year of high school. As the year progresses, the updates will become more frequent and focused on end of the year events designed to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating seniors.

In this update you will find information regarding Senior Class meetings, colleges visiting OHS, college and career search and application resources, in addition to yearbook portrait submissions. Below, you will also find a picture and link to a document highlighting currently known important dates of this coming spring that you can use to plug into your calendars. More dates and many more details will be coming as we progress through the fall and move closer to the spring.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding cap and gown ordering, formal portraits, as well as ASVAB testing and FAFSA workshops.

We look forward to a great Senior year!!

Senior Class Meetings - (9/15 and 10/13)

On Thursday, September 15th, Seniors will be meeting in the PAC during Advisory Period to review expectations of the senior year and to discuss college and other post-secondary planning options and resources.

On Thursday, October 13th, our graduation services provider, Josten's, will be meeting with our seniors during Advisory Period, to discuss the ordering process for cap and gowns. Jostens will also be presenting a few other products/services they can provide as additional options. Stay tuned for further details.

College Visits at OHS

In the coming weeks, OHS will be hosting colleges, universities, and career-focused educational institutions for visits with our Juniors and Seniors. These visits allow our students to meet with admissions staff, hear about the programs the institution offer and ask questions.

Seniors will register and come to North Lobby of the PAC and meet the college representative in person at the noted date and time.

If a Senior is interested in attending any of the visits, they will simply log in to their Naviance Student account and register to attend the visit. Seniors can quickly see a list of scheduled visits on their Naviance Student homepage by clicking the What's New button on the bottom right-hand side. (See attached document for further details).

The list of schools providing opportunities for OHS students grows daily. Students are encouraged to check this page frequently for the most up-to-date list.

Please note: Seated students get three excused absences when the visits fall within class time. Please choose wisely.

If you have any questions, please see your counselor in the OHS Counseling Office.

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Naviance College and Career Research Resource

As the Class of 2023 continues to investigate post high school options, they are encouraged to utilize the Naviance resource. Naviance is a great place to search what colleges, universities, and trade schools have to offer as well having as many tools to investigate career option.

Naviance is considered the “Hub” of all things related to College Applications. Simply put...everything goes through Naviance. Naviance simplifies the process the counseling department and teachers follow to send school reports, midyear reports, and recommendation letters to Common Application colleges.

As an example, Naviance should be used to assist in completing college applications - including those using the Common App process - Oxford High School will be using Naviance Student to request transcripts and letters of recommendation.

  • If you plan to use Common App - you must link it to Naviance first.
  • If you do not plan to use Common App to apply to colleges, then you do not need to link the two.
  • Below are the directions on how to link your Common App account to your Naviance Student account. In order to be able to use the requesting feature, you must first link your accounts using the directions below.

You can help make sure your forms and recommendations are delivered promptly by entering your Common App username on Naviance Student.

Follow the steps below to match your Common App and Naviance Student accounts:

1. On Common App:

Register for an account (use your oxford email or remember the one you use!)

o Click the Common App tab and enter your high school information in the Education section

o Click the My Colleges tab and add at least one college

o Click Recommenders and FERPA

o Sign the FERPA Release Authorization

2. On Naviance Student:

o Click the Colleges tab

o Click Colleges I'm Applying To

o Click Match Accounts in pink banner

o Enter your Common App email address and Date of Birth into the text boxes on the Common App Account Matching screen

o Click Match Accounts

Once the above steps are completed you are ready to request your initial transcripts and letters of recommendations!

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Senior Meetings with Counselors

In the coming weeks, counselors will be meeting with each and every Senior to review graduation progress, post-secondary plans, and discuss any college or career questions students may have.

Please continue to communicate with your senior to help review senior year expectations and finalize post-secondary plans

Counselor Alpha Breakdown:

A-Ca - Mr. Jergler - 248.969.5154 -

Ch-F - Mrs. Hotchkiss - 248.969.5152 -

G-Ko - Mrs. Taplin - 248.969.9594 -

Kr-M - Mr. Brennan - 248.969.5155 -

N-Sh - Mrs. Glaz - 248.969.9593 -

Si-Z - Mrs. Stanjones - 248.969.5152 -

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Yearbook Portraits

As you begin your senior year, please remember that you need to make an appointment to have your senior portraits taken. Please take a moment to review the Yearbook Portrait Information and Specs document. It will provide everything you need to know regarding: regarding:

  • Deadlines & Tips
  • Pose Requirements
  • Size Specifications
  • Proper Attire
  • Submitting Your Photo
  • Recommended Photographers

It is highly recommended to print this document and give a copy to your photographer so they can make sure the portrait you intend to submit for the yearbook meet all of the requirements. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a referral for low-cost photo sessions. Our goal is to make sure every senior is in the yearbook.

If you have any questions regarding any of the topics explained here, please feel free to email our staff at

Yearbook Senior Portrait Info/Specs Document

Click for information regarding senior yearbook photo specifications and submission requirements.

When are portraits due?

Deadline: All senior portraits must be submitted no later than December 9, 2022. We have our own deadlines with our yearbook publisher. We need your help so we can keep our deadlines.

Please contact a photographer as soon as possible. Have an idea of what you’re looking for in a portrait, especially the setting / location if outdoors. Make sure they can meet all of the criteria, deadlines, and online submission directions.

Tips for Contacting Photographers to Inquire About Their Services:

Here are some tips to regarding contacting photographers to inquire about their services:

  • Call ahead and ask a lot of questions such as: What is your sitting fee? How many different poses / outfit changes are included? What locations do you use for environmental / urban settings? Do you require a deposit for printing services?

  • Email a copy of the Yearbook Portrait and Specs document so they have all the requirements and know how to submit your image.

  • Sunburn Warning: Take care of your skin in the weeks leading up to the photo shoot. Photographers can do amazing photoshop work but editing a sunburn is challenging, even for the best photo editor

What's the difference between Casual & Formal Poses?

  • Casual Pose - Yearbook: Because we want to give the yearbook a more warm, personalized look, we accept casual poses for the senior section of the yearbook. These photos are more relaxed in nature and can be taken in any environment or setting conceivable. If you prefer a more formal pose, you are welcome to submit those too! Any portraits that do not follow the technical criterion below will be rejected.

The Casual Pose

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 2”x3” - Landscape/Horizontal Orientation ONLY

  • Full Color or Black & White

  • 300 DPI/PPI minimum please

  • 400KB file size minimum

  • RGB Color

  • JPEG files only

  • File name: (Student’s Last Name, First Name)

Dress/Attire Requirements

  • School Appropriate Clothing

  • No Revealing Dresses, Tank Tops, or t-shirts.

  • Keep it Classy!!

The Formal Pose - Composite:

The formal pose is more of a traditional, head and shoulders pose that is placed on a large composite image. For the Class of 2023 this image will be taken at school, free of charge, on a date to be determined in late summer/early fall. Stay tuned for specific dates. All you have to do is dress appropriately, show up well-groomed and ready to be photographed! You will not be photographed if you do not meet the requirements below.

Formal Pose Dress/Attire Requirements:

  • Gentlemen should wear a collared dress shirt (w/ a tie, preferably).
  • Ladies should wear a blouse or dress that is not revealing.

How Do I Submit My Portraits?

All portraits are submitted to our online dropbox. This should be the responsibility of your photographer. Click on this link to the Portrait Submission Page or follow the steps below when navigating from the Oxford High School website.

  1. “Parents and Students” button on the menu bar

  2. “Yearbook Information” button (bottom of the drop-down menu)

  3. “Yearbook Pose Submission” button (on left side of screen)

  4. Click on the link to submit your photo:

  5. Complete the Google form to get a link to our Dropbox.

The status of your yearbook photo submission can be monitored here. Please allow 48 hours for the spreadsheet to be updated.

Need a Suggestion for a Photographer?

Below are photographers who consistently meet deadlines and provide a quality service and product. Prices (sitting & printing fees and proof deposits) will vary.

Johnston Photography - (248) 628‐6391


Wally Russell Photography - (248) 408‐7863

MyPic Photography - (248) 217‐0559

Hopkins Photography - (248) 969‐4945

Lennon Photography ‐ (248) 535‐1142

Lisa Burke Bruni ‐

GEM Photography - (248) 891‐7580

Creative Portraits by Jamie - (888) 858‐8084

Majik Photography - (248) 202‐6635

David Roberts Photography - (248) 652‐2131

Lisa Adams Photography - (586) 246‐7598

Galloway Photography - (248) 627‐6574

Theresa Gallaher Photography - (248) 770‐6846

Mitchell Photography - (810) 796‐2064

Hicks Studio - (810) 653‐4131

Prestige Portraits - (248) 377‐2444

Fox Portrait Studios - (248) 673‐0030

Church Street Studio - (248) 625‐7368

JenniLynn Photography - (248)705‐4649

Golden Meadows Photography - (248) 693‐3303

Kylee Ribant Photography - (586) 337-0090

Alison Bouck ‐ (248) 969‐0118

Paula Kurzawa Photography ‐ (248) 705‐1141

Blaine Photography, LLC ‐ (248) 408‐1462

Arising Images ‐ (248) 690-8040

Julie Ferreri Photography ‐ (810) 636‐4055

Ranek Photography ‐ (248) 247‐0986

Jennifer Coker ‐ (248) 310‐4785

Christine Crabill ‐ (248) 980-1579

Footprints Photography ‐ (248) 922‐1802

Marlaina Joy Photography - (586) 321-8921

Angela Coventry Photography ‐ (248) 505‐1696

Orser Studio ‐ (248) 693-8770

David Yarnall Photography - (810) 814‐3301

Deborah Lambrecht Photography - (586) 677-2611

Dre Photography - (231) 392-3652

Edward John Photography - (248) 961‐0752

Signature Portrait Studio - (810) 610‐5439

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Oxford High School

Non-Discrimination Clause: Oxford Community Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex (sexual orientation or gender), disability, age, height, weight, marital status or any other legally protected characteristic, in its programs, services or activities, including employment opportunities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: David Pass, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, 10 North Washington Street, Oxford, MI 48371 (248) 969-5004.