Week 6, S1: EMS Family Newsletter

The What-to-Knows at Estacada Middle School for Families

Week 6 at EMS: October 11 to October 15

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Estacada School District Families,

As reported in the media, there is a new TikTok challenge going around called the “devious lick” challenge. It involves stealing or vandalizing school property and posting videos about it. We have also seen several other challenges over recent days that encourage students to say unkind and hurtful things to other classmates.

Please talk to your child/children about this challenge and about social media in general. While something like this may seem like an innocent prank on the surface, their words and actions have a very real impact on our schools. Students taking place in challenges that hurt or embarrass other students are unacceptable, and will be taken seriously by our administration. Additional challenges that involve theft and vandalism can cost our schools thousands of dollars to repair or replace items, and are a criminal offense. If you or your child need support or resources related to social media challenges, please contact your child’s school counselor.

We also ask that you monitor your child’s TikTok and social media accounts. Here are some resources to get you started as you have important conversations with your students: ​​https://www.commonsense.org/education/family-resources. Additionally, please report any concerns to your child’s school. Strong partnerships between schools and families allow us to proactively address concerns.

Thank you for your support and understanding regarding the impact this trend has had on our schools and community. We appreciate your partnership in working to keep dangerous and destructive social media trends out of our schools.

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our district is working each day to provide a great place for students to learn, teachers to teach, employees to work, and parents to send their children for an excellent education. We are committed to listening and responding to your experiences as a parent in our district. Our partners at Huron/Studer Education are providing an opportunity for you to provide feedback anonymously, at the link below.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Parent/Family Satisfaction Survey at this link: https://app.keysurvey.com/f/41560968/75a9/

The survey is scheduled to open October 4th and remain open through October 19th.

Your feedback will be used to celebrate our successes and to create action plans. Your input is valuable.

Thank you for your commitment to our district’s success.

Reading and Math Results to Families on Tuesday!

EMS At-a-Glance: As measured by the iReady (which is a snapshot, only) Below this text box are two images which describe our students' Reading and Math skills. Reading: 26% of our students are reading at or above grade-level and 74% of our students are reading below grade-level. Math: 13% of our students are answering grade-level prompts correctly whereas 87% of our students are unable to answer grade-level prompts correctly.

Your Student's Scores: On Tuesday this week you will receive your students' individual scores via ParentSquare.

How Will We Respond: Beginning on Tuesday, October 19 all students will be enrolled into a course which either provides enrichment or intervention for Math or Reading. Your student will be grouped with peers (in the same grade level) who have similar strengths so we can intentionally target Reading and Math learning. We will be using Imagine Reading as well as Corrective Reading to teach lagging reading techniques as well as iReady to develop Math skills.

Grade-level Reading Data: Green (At or Above); Yellow (One grade below); Red (Two+ grades below)

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Grade-level Math Data: Green (At or Above); Yellow (One Grade Below); Red (Two+ Grades Below)

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Your Student's Individual iReady Data

This week on Tuesday you will receive your student's individual Math and Reading iReady Diagnostic scores. These scores are a "snapshot" of your student's grade-level ability. We will have the entire year to build and strengthen your student's skills. And, we will be taking the diagnostic two more times throughout the year to celebrate your student's growth.

You will receive a message from ParentSquare to view your student's iReady Diagnostic information. It will look similar to the image you see on the left-hand side of this text.

Positive Covid-19 Test During the Weekend? Let us know!

Call the weekend COIVD-19 case hotline on the weekend. It is self-automated; select the right school (per the prompt) and leave a message. The voicemail you leave will be directed to our Vice-Principal, Mr. Kelley so we can begin to identify potential close contacts.

The number you need to call to notify us about your student's positive case is: 971-220-6594. Thank you for partnering with use to keep our students in the classroom with as little interruption as possible.

Music Concert

Thursday, Oct. 14th, 7-8pm

500 Northeast Main Street

Estacada, OR

Ms. Hubbard and EMS' Musicians will host the first music concert of the year on Thursday, October 14 at 7:00pm.

Our auditorium will open at 6:30pm. Families are to find a seat in the auditorium and students are to report to classrooms S1 and S2. All students and families are expected to stay for the entirety of the performance. We expect students to stay even when finished performing to be present for their classmates in other music classes. Any students who are not in music classes and who are unaccompanied by a parent will not be permitted to enter.

Masks are required for indoor events. We will require you to wear your mask when attending your student’s music concert. There are no capacity restrictions at this time; however, we will not be opening our upper level for this concert.

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Estacada Middle School

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