Novio Boy

by Gary Soto


A ninth grade boy named Rudy wants advice for his date. But he goes with Alex for advice for his date since he doesn't know what to tell Patricia. So Alex gives Rudy of what to say to Patricia during the date. Then Rudy learned to be himself not to change.

The theme is what matters is inside not the outside that counts. ''he's only two grades behind. It's nothing,girl. These are modern times.It's ok to date down.


Inner conflict- Man VS Self He doesn't have confidence.

Evidence-''What am I gonna talk about.''

External conflict- Man VS Man. His mom is not helping him.

Evidence-''you think money grows on trees? Who is this girl, anyway?

Vocabulary Words

Surreptitiously- kept secret especially because it would not approved of.

synonym- secretly

Primping-spend time making minor adjustments(hair make up etc.)

Favorite quote

Rudy break the ice like...tell her what is her favorite color she will tell hers and you tell her your favorite color.

It helps in the story because it tells you Alex is giving advice for Rudy's date

with Patricia.