Fall is my favorite time of year

I am Free and ready to Fly

I bought some cards that resonated with my soul at convention; The one I randomly choose for October says this "Baby birds feel safe in the nest until that one day when they are finally ready to break out of old boundaries and finally test their unproven wings. You, my friend, have been ready to fly for quite some time! You are not in chains, you are not locked up or immovable. You are free to move! Step to the edge of your comfort zone and bravely step into who you really are! You were born for this. Flying is the ultimate form of freedom - your journey will be exhilarating, giving you new views and propelling you forward to new places.

If you feel like your wings have been clipped or you have never even tested them out. It's time to claim your birthright to fly. You no longer have limits and can truly thrive, expanding your reach and changing lives. Soar forward, feel the wind in your face and invite others to come with you. Flying is always more fun with a friend.

To Fuel your joy: listen to the music in the links while you apply or diffuse Peppermint and White Fir (Siberian Fir can also be used).

PEPPERMINT: lifts the heart & reminds the individual to have a bit of fun during the journey; challenges entrepreneurs to focus and fully breathe in the goodness of life; invites one to fully taste what life has to offer and choose a fresh perspective. (If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to get the same results).

WHITE FIR: assists the burdened individual in breaking free of old patterns that no longer serve them; acts as a guide when choosing to venture into new beliefs and gives permission to create new pathways.

Is it your time to fly or will you continue to stay in your comfort zone?

The Age Of Miracles
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Each year doTERRA out do themselves

Just when you thought they couldn't do it - they've done it again. Holiday season is just around the corner and with it is a whole new line up of must haves. check it out and click on the banner.
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Welcome to our community

I want to welcome Jennifer Smith, Kimberly Clark, Brigette Boswell, Allison Meyer, Anna Karelis and Debra Dannehl

Just getting your feet wet is great, but contact your enroller to find out about getting $720 in free product over the next year and earn 30% back in rewards on each order.


We are a tribe of like minded leaders who empower and inspire those around us and beyond.

doTERRA pursue what's pure; it says it all doesn't it.

Wine Walk

Saturday, Oct. 5th, 1-4pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

Join us for some Fall fun and enjoy samples of essential oils infused chocolate with your wine. or Sample the Cider recipe.

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Convention Re-cap

Monday, Oct. 7th, 6:30pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

I bought the convention online steam so we can actually see the items and what doTERRA is doing to change the face of health care as we know it. Invite people, we'll have some goodies too.

Smell and try the new product line up. A special gift for all who have a guest.

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