iPad Update

October 29, 2013

*Please Read*

Today all iPads were re-imaged and updated with additional apps that the district has purchased to enhance student learning. Some students will have their iPads back today, while the rest will be finished by tomorrow. Thank you for being patient with us throughout this digital transformation, we're learning as we go as well! With the new update, we're putting additional restrictions on the iPad personal use outside of the school app purchases. Please read carefully and review these expectations with your child. Thank you for your continued support!


The 4th Grade Team

If you have additional questions after reading this newsletter, please email your student's regular teacher by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Ms. Faccio

Mrs. Kentop

Ms. Shipley

Mrs. Zavernik


  • NO additional apps PERMITTED on the device.
  • No personal apple ID's should be logged in to this device (SCHOOL APPLE ID ONLY)
  • iPads are expected to be used as a tool for our learning while at school/home
  • Camera roll photos are to be minimal and school project related only (these take up a lot of space on the device)
  • iPads are to be charged at home and should come fully charged each day
  • Please do not push any music library to the device, this takes up a lot of storage (if we need it for a project we'll put only what's necessary)

Here's How You Can Help!

We have been extremely happy with the responsibility of most students in this digital transformation process. Here's how you as parents can help support this initiative at home to ensure your student is using the device appropriately:

1) Sit down with your student and talk about how the device is being used in the classroom, they'll have some great things to share

2) Access your student's Schoology account on the student device often (use your student's app and log in information) This will give you the ability to see coursework that's in progress, check completed work and feedback from teachers

3) Encourage your student to use the learning apps at home even when homework is finished. Many of them are learning games that can help practice skills/support the learning we're doing in the classroom.

Howard Suamico School District Digital Transformation

4th Grade Team

Mrs. Stephanie Faccio

Mrs. Erica Kentop

Ms. Janette Shipley

Mrs. Megan Zavernik