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The Week Ahead for the Week of January 11- January 15


Grade Level PLC

Admin PLC

4:00 IEP Campbell


NO Staff Meeting

Report Cards Issued

Essential Planning Grades 2 and 4


Grade Level PLC

9AM Meeting Mt. Gallant-District Reading Plan


Essential Planning Grades K and 3


4th grade to York County Museum
Cordell Out
Nurse Cookie Out

Essential Planning Grades 5 and 1

Curriculum Corner

Literacy and Math Walk-Through Observation Tools

The information below is being provided by the instruction department.

Elementary L
iteracy and Math Walk-Through Observation tools have been developed to directly align to the District Literacy and Math Guides. The purpose of the observation tools is to strengthen Tier I Literacy/Math implementation by providing teachers with formative feedback to move them forward and confirm effective practices already in place. These tools, when used by the school/district literacy and math coaches, are not for evaluation purposes and should not be perceived as such. All data collected and feedback provided, from the observation tools, is emailed directly to the teacher and will only be viewed by the teacher and the coach. Data obtained regarding school-wide (not by teacher)

implementation of the Literacy/Math Guides can be viewed and used by the principal to support SIP goals and ultimately student achievement.

The Literacy Tool is below. There was an issue downloading the Math document. It has been emailed to you.

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