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A glimpse into your child's week! April 20 - 24

Greetings from Third Grade!

This week we hit the ground running, doing our best to make up for lost time together. Students have had to become readjusted to my expectations and there has been some push back as a result. I joked that your children were glad I was back... for about 5 minutes(!) until they realized I was going to hold them accountable and get them ready for 4th grade!

Because I was out of the room, a lot of things were done in ways that are different than how I would have. Naturally any change is hard; change in the midst of the year is even more difficult. Because of this, I appreciate your patience and positive attitude about these remaining 7 weeks - which is something I CAN control. :)

Please keep in mind that poor student behavior is a concern that impacts EVERYONE. When students are choosing to act out, they not only are impacting their ability to learn, but the ability of everyone around them.

We are in need of:

- scissors

- SHARP pencils

- Dry Erase Markers

- Glass jars (salsa or spaghetti sauce size) without lids. These are for a project we will be doing at the beginning of May... please put your child's name on the bottom of it!

3rd 100 Frye Words

This is a reminder that students will be reassessed on the final set of words at the end of May. Please encourage your child to practice the spelling of these words at the following site:

SCIENCE - Animals! Animals!

In Science we reviewed what we've been learning through the creation of our Animal books. Students will be bringing these booklets home next week and should keep them in a safe place for studying (the District Test won't be for a while yet).

This week our focus was on bird beaks and different types of teeth. Students completed the first part of a Bird Beak Performance Task on Friday afternoon and we will be finishing it up on Monday.


This week in Social Studies we will be reviewing the Three Branches of Government. Students will be reviewing for the second part of their District Social Studies test early next week and will take the test on Thursday. Please look for a Review to come home. This time the review is paper and pencil as opposed to my typical electronic ones.


In Math we have completed lessons 11-1 through 11-3 in Math. Topic 11 is an introduction to Geometry. The kids seem to really like the "flipped" classroom model I've tested out on them. They are rotating between 3 work stations during Math time and it allows me to work with them in a much smaller group setting. Here are some pictures from what we've done this week:
If you are still having trouble accessing the Pearson video links for the nightly Math homework, please let me know. I have been able to troubleshoot and figure out how to get everyone logged in so far! The feedback I've received from this "flipped" model has been very positive so far. I welcome all comments/questions/concerns, so feel free to contact me!


Students took their STAR Reading (computer-based) assessment this week and were given their new AR Goal Sheets on Friday. Your child's should be housed in their binder. Because of being out of the classroom and unable to enforce the AR goals, last Marking Period I did not use AR as a grade. This marking period, just like with the 1st and 2nd Marking Periods, the percentage of your child's achieved goal will be included as one reading grade assignment.


Students were hard at work this week finalizing the Table of Contents for their Informational book they are writing. Students made sure that each title (chapter) within their Table of Contents was worded in a way that elicited the interest of their soon-to-be readers. From there, they began to formulate an Introduction page. Next week they will begin writing their chapters, selecting from various pre-formatted papers.


In preparation for the M-Step test (mid-May), students have been learning a new word each day.
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