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August 12, 2019

Mensaje del Director

Hola MSI Families!

Last month's newsletter talked about how the weather has shifted to blue and sunny instead of gray and rainy. It sure is nice to see that the beautiful weather pattern has continued into August. July's newsletter also mentioned some of the teacher changes, etc. at school.

We have some new staff members to welcome. Our International Visiting Teachers from Spain have arrived and are currently with host families until their own rentals are available. More information about the new International teachers can be found in another section. We're also are welcoming Ms. Jenny King. Ms. King will be our student-support specialist for English and Spanish language arts support as well as working with our students who primarily speak a language other than English at home.

MSI participated in the Mansfield Children's Festival. We saw double the visitors from last year and wouldn't have been able to serve the community that day without the help from the Kern Family. Muchisimas Gracias, Isabella, Abby and Alex!

If you have reason to visit MSI right now, you'll see what a fantastic job the custodians, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Windbigler, did getting the building ready for a new school year. The hall ways still have that "new school' smell. Ms. Wendling has been very busy updating records and helping orientate the new staff. In addition, you'll see quite a few teachers getting their classrooms ready for the 2019-2020 school year and reviewing new curriculum.

Finally, we've had our first meetings with our new superintendent, Coach Stan Jefferson. He has some very electrifying proposals and plans to grow our students' success. We're very excited to have his support and want him to know that he has ours.

Go Tygers! ¡Adelante al éxito!

--Sr. Costa

Meet Our New Visiting Teachers

While we are very fortunate to have bilingual staff from Latin America, the United States and even Texas, we also benefit from a cultural exchange program between the Spanish Government and Ohio (along with a wonderful mono-lingual staff). This year we welcome four new teachers from Spain. Srta. Vila Trigueros, Sra. Canzobre Gavira and Srta. Laka López will be the new Kindergarten Team. Sr. Ramos Cisnal will teach Spanish and Social Studies in 4th and 5th grade.

Thank you host families, who have opened their homes and to the families who have already introduced themselves by inviting them over and driving them around. Now that they all have found rental homes, they may need some furniture and furnishings. MSI has some supplies stored at the district warehouse, but we don't have enough. Let's continue demonstrating what a wonderful school community we are!

Student Support Specialist

Ms. King will be working with students in need of extra attention in English and Spanish language arts. She comes to us from another local school district and is also the mom of two MSI students. We're grateful to the district to provide a new staff member to help make our kiddos even more successful.

Complete School Supply List

MSI Open House

Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 5-6:30pm

240 Euclid Avenue

Mansfield, OH

Perfect time to meet the new teachers, drop off supplies and reunite with schoolmates. Hot dogs, shaved ice and a D.J. will be out front.

MSI Staggered Start Schedule

Monday, August 26: Kinder Screening by Appointment & Grades 1-8 Start School

Tuesday, August 27: Kinder Screening by Appointment

Wednesday, August 28: Kinder Class Assignments & Parent Notification

Thursday, August 29: Kinder - Group A Only

Friday, August 30: Kinder - Group B Only

Monday, September 2: Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 3: All Grades Attend & Kinder's Official First Day of School