German Americans

Why did they come to America?

They came because Germany was really poor.

They also came because the us was offering to

give land away if you can have a running farm on it.

Traditions they brought with them

A German tradition is Oktoberfest a huge

festival that they would dress, eat food

and listen to music all German.Christmas

trees are also a German tradition.

Where did they settle

Germans mostly settled in Washington,

California, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma,

Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa,

Missouri, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois ,Detroit,

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York,

South Carolina and, Georgia.

First years in America

When they moved here in cities they lived

in apartments and small houses. Many

farmers lived in sod houses.When most

Germans came over they stayed near ports.

Many moved Midwest to farm or live in cites.


In Germany oldest son got to keep the farm

and the others had to find life on their own.

The Germans where when they finally got

to live a free life in America.They also

invented the gummy bares.


Made by Sam K.W.