Knightly News

Week of January 17th

Beginning of third quarter and second semester!

We have reached the 1/2 way point in the school year. Communication is essential and we strive to connect to our students, parents and families, and community each and every day. We will continue reaching out to you with weekly Connect Ed messages and parent newsletters. We also encourage you to visit our website and follow our social pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for announcements, information, and celebrations.

I need your assistance with reiterating to your child the importance of coming to school to learn and work to his or her potential daily. Please do not accept mediocrity from your child when it comes to completing his or her classwork and homework assignments. EXCEL is the norm not optional. Continue reaching out to staff to ensure your child(ren) are exhibiting their best character and are leading not following. As always, we wish to express our sincere gratitude toward our entire school community. We would not be making the growth we’ve seen so far without the help and support of all of you.

Remember a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn. This is our motto at SGMS as we make a sharp turn in 2022 to do our very best. Every child every day deserves the right to move forward and we are destined to remove barriers to ensure they have what it takes. We hope you will continue to partner with us to make this a reality.

Take NOTE:

Staffing News: Starting with our return to the new semester, Ms. Lisa Hege will be joining us as teacher for our American Sign Language encore class. We are looking forward to our students having the opportunity to learn this language. Please help us give Ms. Hege a warm Knight welcome.

Long Weekend: Our students do have a long weekend coming up January 15-18. School will resume on January 19th, this is the first day of the new semester and nine weeks.

Stay tuned to local media outlets and social media platforms for any guidance regarding possible delays or closures the remainder of the week due to the impending winter storm.

Conferencing REQUIREMENT!!

As we closed our the first semester please ensure to reach out and set up a conference with your child's teacher to ensure your child is on the path for continued growth and success. Any student with a D or F for the semester is required to have a parent teacher conference. We will hold these virtually between now and the end of February. Please let your child's teacher(s) know what dates would work best for you. At this meeting the discussion will focus on what variables impacted their grade and a plan of action moving forward to ensure they will grow.

Covid 19 reminders

Please take a moment to review and see updates regarding Quarantine and Isolation at the CDC website:

Please note we are practiciing the 3 W's each day:

W-Wear a mask at all times covering nose and mouth

W-Wait socially distanced--this includes class changes and seating arrangements

W-Wash hands or use sanitizer frequently

Help us reinforce this with your child as this will help eliminate spread.

Should your child not feel well please keep them home and notify the school. If your child tests for Covid 19 they should remain home until test results are received noting negative. If a positive result is received they will need to isolate and please let us know. The health department will give you specific dates of quarantine/isolation. If your child is exposed to someone they were in close contact with that is positive for Covid 19 notify the school and quarantine accordingly.

If you have any questions please reach out. Rule of Thumb: Notify the school if there are any sickness, exposure or positive results


Creating and maintaining a Culture of Excellence!!

E-Epitomize integrity

X-eXpress Respect

C-Commit to Learn

E-Exercise responsibility

L-Lead with Courage

Assessments coming up this month and Report Card date

Please be sure your child is in attendance and on time. These assessments will help us with instructional decisons during Second semester.

January 20th: Math 1 Interim #2

January 26th: Report Cards

January 28th: Math 6 and 8 Interim #2

Transportation reminders and updates:

The new Transportation Calling Center is open and ready for calls:

In the event a parent needs assistance TCC will be accessible.

  • Hours 6 AM- 9 PM
  • PH# 1-888-511-4427
  • We also encourage bus rider families to download the Here Comes the Bus App as this has up to date information regarding bus or driver changes, real time location of bus etc

Please note transportation is a privilege and all students should be on their best behavior. A bus driver has a very important job of transporting our precious cargo and we want them to not have distractions that would take away of safely completing their job.

Students will receive bus suspension if they do not follow the rules of the bus such as

  • staying seated at all times until the bus comes to a complete stop at the school or at their home bus stop location.
  • Throwing things, moving seats, using loud voices or participating in activities that would be unsafe on a moving vehicle.

Also please note students may not ride any other bus than the one assigned and may not get off at any other stop than the assigned bus stop.

One Cards are required for scanning on and off buses to ensure safety of knowing who is being transported. Please ensure your child has those out and ready each morning.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us in these endeavors.

School Spirit and attendance at Games


  1. Students may not stay after school unless they are an athlete supervised by coaches, or pep squad supervised by it's advisors.
  2. Masks are required by everyone except the 10 players on the court. Masks should cover nose and mouth at all times. Failure to follow this current ruling for schools will require dismissal from the game.
  3. Be respectful and mindful of those around you so that all that are in attendance can enjoy the game. Please stay seated while in the stands so all fans can see.
  4. Concessions and restrooms will be on the café hall so there should not be anyone in any other area.
  5. Please clean up after yourself and throw away all trash before leaving your area.
  6. Students must have rides pick them up in front of the school no later than 15 minutes after the game is over. Announcements will be made at the end of 3rd quarter and midway of 4th reminding students of the current time and to call or check in with your rides.
  7. After the game all fans, students, families etc. must exit the gym and building and meet their friend/child/athlete or ride outside. Only players may go with coaches to change and pick up belongings.
  8. Any student that is not picked up within 15 minutes after the game will not be able to stay for the next home game.

Athletics: Week of 1/17/21

Wednesday-1/19—Basketball vs Ferndale @ SGMS---4:45PM—Boys Play First---No 5th Quarter

Thursday-1/20---Basketball vs Allen Jay @ Allen Jay---4:45PM---Boys Play First---Yes 5th Quarter

2nd Quarter Awards Recognition—Join us Virtually!!

We will recognize students in early February for their success 2nd quarter and 1st semester. We will recognize academics, character and attendance.

Please make plans to join us online!

We look forward as we celebrate our many accomplishments!

February 1st:

8:30 am 8th grade Fallon team

9:15 am 8th grade Williams team

10:00 8th grade Welder team


8:30 am 7th grade Maholic team

9:15 am 7th grade Nelson team

12:15 7th grade Walsh team

February 4th:

8:30 am 6th grade Hauck team

9:15 am 6th grade Yakout team

1:45 pm 6th grade Groff team

8th grade Families: Yearbook dedications

As hard as it is to believe this is your childs final year in Middle school. If you would like to celebrate their middle school efforts through a yearbook ad please see the attached flyer below for more information. If you have any questions please reach out to the school or our yearbook advisor Jessica Yakout (6th grade teacher)


Our administrative team is available to assist with any and all SGMS questions or concerns. You may reach us at 336-674-4266 or by email. We love your partnership please reach out if you have suggestions or shout outs for our amazing staff.

Tracy Roof, (students with last names P-Z)

Lorie Rainey, Assistant (students with last names G-O)

James Moore, Assistant (students with last names A-F)


If you have any information that you would like to see in our parent newsletter please reach out to the administrative team.