Salt Marshes

Quinteen Bien

Salt marsh Orlando, Florida

There is a salt marsh in Orlando, Florida (sorry can't download a picture because of using a chrome book)

Ocean water chemistry

average temperature: 20 to 40 cerius

average density: 0 to 108 stem/m. square

average pressure: (can't find it)

average salinity: 340,000 ares of salt

family trip to the salt marshes

Salt marshes are wetlands that are flooded and drained by salt water. It is decomposing matter in several feet. The oxygen can be extremely low which the condition called hypoxia. There are animals live there which are blue crabs, black needlerushes, oysters, horseshoe crabs, clapper rails, raccoons, and others animals there (a lot of them are listing).

All about science

* The tides can rise the sea level of the salt marshes several feet.

* This can affect the organisms living in the slat marshes which is making the animals inundated with wasta or expose to air.