Responsibilities of tenant

and a landlord

Responsibilities of tenant and a landlord

Whether you are moving in as a tenant or you are a landlord of the property, there is some basic understanding a tenant or landlord should have:

Legal obligations and responsibility of landlord are:

  • Always provide a copy of tenancy agreement to tenant before tenancy starts.

  • As soon as landlord receives the bond money by the tenant send it to the Tenancy Service Centre within 23 days.

  • Before the tenant start their livings, check whether the property is clean and fit to live.

  • Landlord can perform reasonable state of maintenance work during the tenancy. Major work can only be carried out after the tenant moves.

  • Even if the landlord want to have a small scale repair a landlord has to provide a notice of 24 hour before the repairing work is started.

  • If the tenant pays for any urgent repair work then the landlord has to return the spent money to the tenant.

  • Landlords are solely responsible to pay taxes whether it is rates, land tax or insurance premium.

  • Security of a tenant is utmost necessary hence provide adequate locks and fastenings.

  • Provide a written statement for a period of rent and also rent receipts to tenant for his payment in cheque or cash.

  • Provide at least 60 days written notice for rent increase and 48 hours written notice for inspection.

  • Check, is the tenant disturbed by other tenants? and resolves the disputes fairly and quickly.

  • Everything should be provided in writing even if you are having any intention to sell the property.

Responsibility of tenant:

  • Apart from paying rent at a time pay all charges for gas, electricity, water supply etc. if it has been mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

  • Property should be kept clean and tidy.

  • Inform the landlord regarding any damage or repair and tenant has to repair the property on his expense whether the damage is caused by the tenant or its relatives intentionally.

  • Follow the tenancy period as well as the number of people allowed to live as the tenant in the property according to the agreement.

  • Property should be used only for residential purpose no industrial work or small scale industry should be there and landlord should be allowed to show the property to prospective tenants or buyers.

  • While leaving remove all the rubbish and return the clean and tidy property. Also return the entire chattel provided by the landlord.

The tenant and landlord should be aware of the Tribunal court for tenant which is a part of Ministry of Justice to resolve all the problems between landlord and tenant.

Apart from the above mentioned key points you can also consult rental property management guide.